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More Australians expected to Visit the Philippines

Sure, Pinoys all know that the Philippines is where it is all at, but it looks like the rest of the world is catching on too. Way down under, the Aussies seem to be taking notice of the fact that the Philippines has more to offer than most other destinations. In fact, the Australian News Website recently listed the Philippines as one of the prime hot spots for the year 2011 which is coming up in just a few days.

Australian Tourists in Boracay
Australian Tourists in Boracay

One of the reasons why Australians and other people from around the globe are taking notice of the Philippine Islansds is because of the countries many incredible beaches and pristine diving conditions. An Australian travel website, , just came out with their list of the best travel advice for the coming year and aside from the Philippines they list Brazil, India, the USA, and New Zealand as the top spots for the Aussies to visit.

Epic Boracay - A New Party Place in Paradise Island
Epic Boracay – A New Party Place in Paradise Island

The beaches are one reason, but another factor in the rise in popularity of the Philippines as a travel destination is because of the turmoil in both Indonesia and Thailand caused by natural disasters and political unrest.

Infinity Pool in Alta Vista de Boracay

Infinity Pool in Alta Vista de Boracay

Also recently called out for being spectacular is Amanpulo Island ,also called Pamalican, which was listed by Travel and Leisure Magazine as a place with a perfect beach where couples seeking a romantic holiday can find ‘luxurious’ seclusion in traditional houses or magnificent villas.

Of course the main popular islands will provide delightful surprises to all who visit them too and you can expect Bohol, Negros, Bacalod, Cebu, Boracay, and the other 7000 islands of the Philippines to get the guests talking and show them the likes of what an island paradise is really all about.

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