MIAA Launches #DisipliNAIA Civility Campaign to Combat Rude Airport Behavior

DisipliNAIA Civility Campaign

NAIA combats ‘Age of Rudeness’ with #DisipliNAIA civility program

Manila, Philippines — The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) wants to combat the so-called unacceptable airport behavior as it introduces its #DisipliNAIA civility campaign.

This program is launched to encourage people to veer away from “rudeness” and to become good airport citizens. Specifically, this campaign aims to promote good manners and right conduct among passengers and even MIAA employees.

DisipliNAIA Civility Campaign
DisipliNAIA Civility Campaign

By being “good” airport citizens, people should have to be in the know of a slew of best airport practices – including picking-up one’s trash, following security protocols, proper queuing, following the rule of yellow lines, taking back your bag so that another passenger can take a seat, and a lot more.

Ed Monreal, the MIAA General Manager, said in a statement that this program has an aim to return to Filipino positive values, such as the ones mentioned above.

“We are going back to basics – basic in a sense na gawin natin ang tama, gawin ang nararapat, even when nobody is watching, even without people telling us what to do,” said Monreal.

This program from MIAA is being implemented alongside the Department of Interior and Local Government, which also introduced its discipline initiative. On top of that, the Department of Education is also mulling the bringing back of the “good manners and right conduct” (GMRC subject in the basic curriculum.

Share a Chair
Share a Chair

As a part of the campaign, MIAA is going to prepare and post a lot of videos, posters, as well as billboards in a bid to remind the people that they have just entered the #DisipliNAIA area and they should be mindful of their actions towards other people at the airport.

Monreal added that now that the program is launched, he expects everyone to walk-the-talk, be the examples and leaders for this campaign, as well as follow the regulations inside the airport.

“If not now, then when? If not us, then who else?” asked Monreal.

In the meantime, the MIAA is also going to conduct regular civility and service excellence workshops among quite a few workers and citizens.

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