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That’s right, you’re not seeing things. This is a Matchbook Pro iPhone case review and it has nothing to do with MacBooks. The name is a little confusing, but that’s proving to be no obstacle for the new Matchbook Pro iPhone case. With the unique pop-out stand feature, which is an intelligent and stylish design, and the clever name that goes with it, the Matchbook Pro iPhone case is getting rave reviews from iPhone owners.

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Musubo iPhone 4/4S Matchbook Case

Smart and Unique Design

It only takes one look to get the idea behind the Matchbook Pro iPhone case. Like many other protective cases, the hard polycarbonate shell keeps the corners safe and provides a barrier around the edges of the screen. There are spaces for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s camera and all the necessary jacks.

But the really fun part is the matchbook look. The back of the Matchbook Pro iPhone case looks like a row of white matches with red tips from a matchbook. The “matches” are made of silicon rubber and can be flipped out to serve as a stand. The stand only works in landscape mode, and is best for when you want to watch a video on your iPhone.

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Musubo Matchbook Pro Case for iPhone 4:4S


The Matchbook Pro iPhone case comes in five colors: black, red, white, yellow, and a bright green. For each version, the color of the matches varies. The black case has the typical white matches with red tips. But the red case has black matches with white tips, the yellow and green both have white matches with white tips, and the white case has white matches with pink tips.

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MatchbookPro iPhone Cover

People love the Matchbook Pro iPhone case and it shows. You won’t find a negative Matchbook Pro iPhone case review anywhere – and you’ll be lucky to find one for sale as they seem to sell out fast!

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