Mad Passenger Slapped Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew When Refused To Stow Her Bag

Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew Slapped by a Passenger

Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew Slapped by a Mad Passenger When she Refused To Stow Her Bag

Cabin crews are there to assist plane passengers during their flights but are they really obliged to stow passengers’ bag to the overhead bin?. They were trained well to make it easier for passengers to endure long flights and turn it into a fun experience. However, just recently, news about a flight attendant who got slapped for refusing to carry a passenger’s bag has been circulating around different social media networks.

Madel Ty is one of the cabin crews of a Cebu Pacific flight when the incident happened. She posted three photos, showing her cheek, ear, and neck’s left side that turned red after being slapped by one of the passengers during the flight.

Statement of Madel Ty posted on her Facebook account
Statement of Madel Ty posted on her Facebook account

Most airlines are instructing their cabin crews to refrain from lifting heavy bags. More often than not, the crews are not covered for medical insurance if their injury is caused by lifting heavy luggage for passengers.

According to Ty, one of the passengers during their flight went mad when she refused to carry her bag. The said passenger even claimed that she is a wife of a certain general.

Madel Ty, the lead cabin crew during the said flight, posted her photos with a lengthy caption. In the post, Madel said that their job is to make sure that their passengers are safe during their flight. She also added that it is not included in their job description to stow passengers’ luggage. However, the woman, who is claiming that she is a general’s wife, went berserk when her command to carry her bag was refused.

Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew Slapped by a Passenger
Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew Slapped by a Passenger
She even belittled the crew by telling her that “your job is to assist passengers, kumbaga sa bus, konduktor kayo!”

The lead cabin crew repeatedly apologized to the passenger, saying that she is trying her best to lengthen her patience and understand the passenger. The passenger’s words were like daggers to her ears, and even made her feel that she have bought the whole party, but Madel remained silent and kept her cool during the encounter.

Being humiliated in public is too much to handle, according to Madel’s post. She said that she is a well-mannered and well-educated person, who is working professionally, just to be slapped by someone. In the end, Ty said that it was not her who looked ill-mannered anyway.

“In the end, hindi naman kami yung nagmumukang walang pinag-aralan at walang manners eh,” reads a part of her post which has since been deleted (but netizens managed to capture a screenshot).

Towards the end of her long post, Madel threatened the passenger that she will be seeing her (the passenger) in court.

She said the post was shared almost 2,000 times and gathered hundreds of comments before she removed it.

Heres Cebu Pacific’s Official Statement regarding the incident of Disruptive Passenger Behavior (as of August 1, 2016; 5:00PM)

Cebu Pacific (CEB) is investigating an incident that occurred on flight 5J 955 Manila – Davao last July 30, 2016, in which a passenger assaulted one of the members of its Cabin Crew.

The passenger in question had expressed dissatisfaction, prior to departure, at having to stow their baggage appropriately as requested by the Cabin Crew member. The Cabin Crew member then assisted the passenger in stowing the baggage in the overhead bin. Stowing cabin baggage in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of the passenger is a safety requirement mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

Following arrival in Davao and upon disembarkation from the aircraft, the passenger physically assaulted another member of the Cabin Crew by slapping her on the face.

CEB wishes to clarify that its Cabin Crew’s primary duty is to ensure the safety and security of its passengers on board the flight. Cabin Crew members are ready to assist passengers in carrying and properly stowing hand-carried bags during boarding and deplaning, as necessary.

Separately, CEB is providing full support to the assaulted Cabin Crew member, who is now considering filing charges against the passenger.

CEB will always fully support its staff when they have been subject to abuse, physical or verbal, from disruptive passengers. Actions that CEB will consider will be to refuse carriage of the passenger on any future CEB flight, along with legal support to its staff member if charges are deemed appropriate.

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