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Macau International Fireworks Festival 2011

Imagine the night sky of Macau glowing in a myriad of magnificent fireworks and accompanied by the cheers and applauses of spectators enjoying the impact of the light and sound show. What a splendid scene!

Macau International Fireworks Festival 2011
Macau Fireworks Festival 2011

The annual “Macau International Fireworks Display Contest” not only lights up the nights of Macau, but also the hearts of spectators. Local residents long for the marvelous fireworks displays that add a joyous atmosphere to holidays and festivals. The Contest has also become an annual characteristic of Macau. Many visitors specially choose this time of the year to come to Macau to enjoy an exotic and romantic holiday.

Macau attaches great importance to cultural heritage. In fact, the firecracker industry used to be one of the three handicrafts in Macau, and fireworks, being a significant element in Macau’s cultural heritage, also has a long history in Portugal. To celebrate this ‘colorful’ history and cultural inheritance, Macau started to stage the annual “Macau International Fireworks Display Contest” from the 1980’s to demonstrate the unique vibes of Macau when the magnificent fireworks light up Macau’s stunning scenery.

The Macau International Fireworks Display Contest has grown over the years into an internationally acclaimed event, one of the best of its kind.

The Macau International Fireworks Display Contest first started in 1989; with only five participating teams. By 1995, the event has developed from the original five-team contest to a ten-team event, with two different teams showing their expertise each night.

For the past years, over 100 international teams from China, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan China, Japan, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain have taken part in the “Macau International Fireworks Display Contest”. The Macau Government Tourist Office will continue to work towards advancing the event’s international status and reputation, with the vision to bring about the world’s most prominent international fireworks display.

Written by Melo Villareal

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