Loboc River Cruise in Bohol

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During our second day in Bohol, we had a chance to experience the Loboc River Cruise courtesy of Village Floating Resto and Cruises. Visiting Bohol is part of our Central Visayas Familiarization Tour which was organized by PHILTOA.

river cruise bohol
Loboc River Cruise

In preparation for the 23rd Philippine Travel Mart 2012 on August 10-12, 2012 at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia Complex, PHILTOA invited media and travel agents to experience Central Visayas – encompasses four provinces, namely Bohol, Siquijor, Cebu, and Negros Oriental which will be highly promoted in the said upcoming event.

Bohol River Cruise
Bohol River Cruise

Our Loboc River Curise was sponsored by Village Floating Resto and Cruises and during the cruise, we had a boat of our own complete with band, premier food choices and wider spaces. A cruise on Loboc River is one of the finest floating restaurant experiences you can have. Visitors are taken to lush tropical vegetation such as coconut trees, nipa palms, bushes and banana groves. The cruise on Loboc River takes place day or night and has the duration of almost an hour.

busay falls
Busay Falls along Loboc River

The river cruise started in their beautiful terminal which is just opposite to the massive coral stone church of Loboc. As one of the major attractions of Bohol, most of the well known resorts in Bohol include the Loboc River Cruise in their list of countryside tour packages.

Boat turned into a Dance Floor
Boat turned into a Dance Floor

Loboc River known for its placid blue green water and floating restaurants managed by different cruise operators. The river cruise helps one to stay, relax and enjoy the exciting ambiance of the green river banks. Tourists can also enjoy the “all- you- can eat” buffet meal provided in the floating restaurants.

Loboc Cultural Dancers
Loboc Cultural Dancers

The buffet table is rich of all kinds of Philippine delicacies and it also offers authentic Boholano dishes. The buffet table has Soups, grilled sea foods, grilled meats, native delicacies, desserts and fresh fruits. During our river tour, we sampled some of their best appetizers like spicy sisig and seaweeds encelada and for the main dish, we tried their grilled chicken, herbed fish, pork humba, seafood kare-kare and my ever favorite pancit. They also served desserts like Mais con Hielo and their specialty deep fried bukayo in lumpia wrapper much like turon but with an interesting twist.

Loboc Boat Terminal
Loboc Boat Terminal

While having the delicious dishes, we enjoyed the sliding green landscape in the river banks. The river cruises are packed with local music bands on-board. The journey takes the travelers to the surreal landscapes and to the ethnic beauty of Bohol. Travelers can see children swimming and local people passing by in small canoes. Wild ducks and pigs can be seen swimming and feeding in the river banks too.

Premium Meals by Village floating Resto and Cruises
Premium Dishes by Village floating Resto and Cruises

The Loboc River leads to Busay falls, which is about one and half meters from a particular point, beyond which the cruise cannot go further. But it will stay for a while for the travelers to enjoy and take photographs of the landscapes, or enjoy a refreshing bath there under the water falls. On return journey, we passed by in one bamboo platform with some cultural performances executed by the local performance group. While we are enjoying the local music and traditional dance numbers, some of us were also invited to dance with the locals and have some cultural immersion.

Tourists and Locals dancing Tinikling
Tourists and Locals dancing Tinikling

Night time trip is also recommended for those who wish to experience the tranquility of the locale. Travelers can start the evening with a dinner in a peaceful ambiance and soft river breeze. It is indeed a very delightful experience in river cruise including delicious food and beautiful landscapes.

sisig recipes
Spicy Sisig

How to get there

Loboc River is located in the Municipality of Loboc in Bohol. It is 24 kilometers away from provincial capital Tagbilaran city. One can reach the destination by the means of buses, jeeps and multi cabs which provide interior trips to and from Tagbilaran city. If you have the resources, you can rent a van that you can use for a whole day of Bohol Countryside Adventure, Food and Heritage Tour.

Contacts :

Village Floating Resto and Cruises
Villadolid, Loboc, Bohol Philippines
Telephone : (038) 537-9223
Mobile No. 0928-5077628 / 0922-8996108
Email : tvillage@globelines.com.ph

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