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List of Coffee Shops with free WiFi in Baguio City

Which coffee shop in Baguio City has the fastest WiFi?

Coffee Shops with Free Wifi

Trendiest Coffee Shops in Baguio City (with free WiFi)

The months of November through February are the chilliest times of the year in the City of Pines. But aside from attracting wanderers, tourists, families on vacation, couples in love, and road-tripping groups of friends, what Baguio City attracts the most during these super-cold months are coffee lovers!…

free WiFi in Baguio City Coffee Shop Open 24 Hours in Baguio?
Coffee Shop Open 24 Hours in Baguio?

And basically, anyone who wants to snuggle on a comfortable chair inside a cozy café with Wi-Fi, company, or solitude, and a nice, warm cup of coffee to warm one’s hands. Here’s a list of Coffee Shops with free WiFi in Baguio City:

Luisa’s Café

  • Address: Session Road, Baguio City
  • Telephone: 074 442 2412

Looking for a café with a cozy, old-school feel café? Luisa’s café is the place for you. It’s along the concrete pathway of the highly-modern Session Road, but don’t be misled—Luisa’s has preserved its old-school feel since its establishment. Have some of that nice barako coffee for as low as Php27. Maybe stay around to observe other people. Luisa’s Café also serves a vast array of dishes, so you may want to stay for lunch or dinner as well if you have spare time.

Hill Station

Hill Station Bistro in Baguio photo by Hill Station FB Page
Hill Station Bistro offers free WiFi in Baguio City photo by Hill Station FB Page

Aside from being cozy, Hill Station café also has a relaxing and classy aura that would make you want to have more coffee, read more books by the picturesque windows, or simply chat with a friend while waiting for a coffee refill.

Hill Station is also just beside Mt. Cloud, a famous bookstore in Baguio City. Try getting yourself a book to read before going to Hill Station café, to have something to spend the time.

Café by the Ruins

Cafe by the ruins photo from FB Page
Cafe by the ruins photo from FB Page

To twist things up a bit, you can take your cup of coffee at a semi-outdoor coffee shop, on a table in Café by the Ruins (Shuntug branch).

It’s like sightseeing and just lazing around all at once. Feel the chill of Baguio’s cold winds by yourself, or brag about it to your friends through video chat. You can tell them that you’re overseas—and they’ll never suspect that you’re lying!

Beans Talk Bistro

Beans Talk Bistro photo from FB Page
Beans Talk Bistro photo from FB Page

If you’re in for a semi-modern café with a classy ambiance, then Beans Talk Bistro will surely be your cup of tea. This coffee shop slash bakery slash internet café in the middle of the city will serve as your little coffee paradise.

Just sit back, relax, and maybe bring a friend or two to have some light conversation with. Maybe you should try some of their pastries as well. There’s an almost endless list of combinations to try.

Under the Tree Book Café

Under the Tree Book Cafe photo from FB Page
Under the Tree Book Cafe photo from FB Page

Under the Tree Book Café is a nice and cozy café with a light and friendly atmosphere. There’s a variety of coffee, tea, and drinks to choose from, and you can either read a book on your gadget or grab a book on the neatly arranged floor-to-ceiling bookshelf here.

Some of the books are in Korean, so if you’re a fan of K-culture or simply want to learn a little bit of it, you should spend your time here. Don’t forget to leave a note or share some quotable quotes you know on UUT’s very colorful post-it wall!


19fiftea photo from FB Page
19fiftea photo from FB Page

19fiftea is the perfect afternoon getaway. Aside from offering free Wi-Fi, coffee, tea, a variety of food, and drinks, 19fiftea also serves as the perfect hang-out place for groups of friends, or solitude lovers. 19fiftea is located right beside Under the Tree Book Café, so if you plan to go café-hopping with your friends, these two should go together.

Café Yagam

Cafe Yagam photo from FB Page
Cafe Yagam photo from FB Page

Café Yagam is a winner at coziness. The interior of the coffee shop is like a large living room, so it’s very homely and warm. It’s like a home away from home, or a coffee shop at home.

It’s the perfect place to bring someone special, or the perfect place to hang out with friends and loved ones. Choose to sit outside and feel Baguio’s climate, or sit inside near the fireplace while thinking about how you don’t want to leave this place anymore.

Gossip Café

  • Address: 76 Upper Gen. Luna Road, Baguio City
  • Telephone: 074 422 8661
  • Facebook:
Gossip Coffee Shop photo from FB Page
Gossip Coffee Shop photo from FB Page

Gossip Café is a good place for a romantic date. Have hot or iced coffee with a loved one and sit close to each other on their neat, snuggly table sets.

Before leaving, you might want to post something on their famous sticky notes wall.

Sage Café

Sage’s green walls and the overall floral theme will make you remember it. For as low as Php135, you can get a nice slice of cake and a cup of brewed coffee (with one free refill) here at Sage Café. After all, a coffee shop that gives you a sense of peace and oneness with its green walls is best enjoyed with two cups of good coffee.

This Baguio coffee shop with free Wi-Fi also offers several dishes ranging from breakfast, brunch, and sandwiches, so you might want to check them out as well.

Figaro Coffee Company Baguio

  • Address: 3rd Level SM City Baguio, Session Road, Baguio City
  • Telephone: 074 619 7832
  • Website:
Coffee Shops with free WiFi in Baguio City
Coffee Shops with free WiFi in Baguio City

If you like glass doors and staying inside a room filled with the aroma of coffee while everyone outside goes on with their busy lives, you should consider visiting Figaro Coffee Company at SM City Baguio.

Forget all the stresses of life and sip some coffee—iced or hot, your choice—tea, and accompany it with a slice of cake or two.

Oh My Gulay

  • Address: 108 Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
  • Location: 5th Floor of La Azotea Building
  • Phone: 0939 912 7266

If you are a vegetarian who loves coffee and art, this place is perfect for you. This restaurant, cafe, and art gallery is located on the 5th floor of the La Azotea Building on Session Road. They also offer hot and cold beverages and yes, they offer FREE WIFI.

Do you know any Coffee Shops with free WiFi in Baguio City? Feel free to comment below:)

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