Legoland Malaysia’s Miniland: Replicas of Asia’s famous landmarks

Legoland Malaysia is the first ever Legoland theme park in Asia. Located in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia, this is the first-ever Legoland in Asia which was recently opened last September 15, 2012. Situated within the Nusa Comerland industrial park, this theme park offers convenient and fun weekend trip for children of all ages!

Philippine Jeepney in Legoland's Miniland
Philippine Jeepney in Legoland’s Miniland

Legoland Malaysia features over 40 interactive rides, family oriented shows, and cool attractions. With over 5 million square feet, this theme park has lots to offer. Located conveniently within the Nusa Cemerlang industrial park in the Iskandar Malaysia economic region, it’s close to retail stores, offices, hotels, apartments and it is also near Singapore:)

Bolinao Pangasinan in Legoland
Bolinao Pangasinan in Legoland

Like other Legoland Parks across the globe, Malaysia’s Legoland also features a Miniland attraction. In which the entire area is filled with miniature replicas of the most well known buildings and landmarks in Asia. But, what makes Legoland Malaysia’s Miniland attraction different and special to me is that this one features a fully animated and interactive design. That’s right, with just the push of a button certain aspects of the replica will move. How cool is that?

Colorful ShopHouses
Colorful Shophouses

Some popular buildings you can see in Legoland Malaysia’s Minland include the Petronas Twin Towers, the Taj Mahal and the Merlion Statue – just to name a few. The awe-inspiring Miniland brings me back to my younger years and makes me want to try re-building some of the Lego structures I made as a child!

Fantastic Asian Temple
Fantastic Asian Temple

When you first enter Legoland Malaysia you will definitely be astounded. To the left is Imagination, which has interactive games and where you can build whatever your heart desires. You can build houses, cars, skyscrapers and more. But, that’s just the beginning, as you can also test your creations out!

Oriental Park
Oriental Park

After Imagination, you’ll enter Lego Mindstorms, which offers computer games and robotic attractions. After that, you can visit the complex, kid power towers, and junior tower rides – fun for kids of all ages, like me! For a bit of adult-only fun, you can drop your children off at Lego Duplo playrooms, which are geared for children that are two to six years old.

Singapore's Merlion Park
Singapore’s Merlion Park

As for Miniland, it is definitely the main attraction. Thirty million miniature Legos were needed to create the beautiful Asian scenes, and it took a whopping three years to go form concept to awe-inspiring finished products. While visiting the Miniland, we were lucky to meet Mr. Patrick Demaria – the Mayor of Miniland. Patrick’s job is to oversee and make sure that the Miniland is in perfect shape… what a very challenging but exciting job!

Taj Mahal in Miniland
Taj Mahal in Miniland

The seventeen detailed and realistic scenes are taken from all over Asia, making it not only a visually entertaining visit but also an educational one. Families with children of all ages can get a lot out of their visit by using it as an interactive learning tool all while their kids are fascinated with the color, intricacy, and unique aspects of the tiny Lego village.

Melo Villareal with Miniland's Mayor Patrick Demaria
Melo Villareal with Miniland’s Mayor Patrick Demaria

Taking a miniature historical tour of Asia’s wonders is not the only great thing about Miniland, though. The shops and dining areas add a lot of entertainment value to your visit. If, like me, you like to break up your trip with rides, shopping, food tasting, and more, I recommend allocating more than just an hour or two to experience Miniland to its fullest.

Lego Model of Petronas Twin Towers
Lego Model of Petronas Twin Towers

Legoland Malaysia is just the first stop of the popular theme park to be opened in Asia. The theme park offers fun for the whole family, with attractions geared for two-year-olds to ninety-five-year-olds and everyone in-between.

No matter what your topics of interest or your attachment level to the nostalgia of Legos, you are sure to love everything about Legoland Malaysia. Bring out the child in you and visit Legoland Malaysia and experience the Legoland Miniland as soon as you can!
  1. Micamyx|Senyorita says

    I’m glad they chose to feature Bolinao, Pangasinan 😀

    1. melo says

      @Micamix – yeah i liked it, Patrick said the entire Philippine Lego model was built in their California center:)

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