Japan : Fun And Surprising Things To Do In Japan

Japan is a country that has the best of both worlds. The Japanese people have managed to keep their culture but make giant leaps into science and technology. Just take a look at some their largest companies: Sony, Nintendo, Toyota, And Honda. Then take a look at their society with pretty much intact culture and colorful history.

Golden Hall and Five-storied Pagoda
Golden Hall and Five-storied Pagoda (Photos courtesy of Wikipedia)

Younger Japanese children are much much more appreciative and respectful to their elders which includes their parents. Something that many countries like Europe and America have lost. Dont worry, you dont need Translation Services since some signs has an English translation and most Japanese now speaks English.

So if you are going to Japan for business or just for fun take a look around. Walk the streets and see the real Japan. Consider trying to find online Japanese classes so that you can converse with locals while exploring.

Cherry Blossoms
Many tourist from around the world come to see these beautiful trees bloom in April and May. If you wait any later you will see them on the ground, but don’t worry. You will still get to see a beautiful layer of cherry blossoms that give any area a touch of exterior beauty.


Disney Surrendered
Japan is the only country that has their own Disney land. You read that correctly. Disney actually built their theme park around the Disney properties with lots of Japanese influence. So it definitely makes for a unique experience. One that not many people get to enjoy.

Are you a shopaholic? If your answer is yes then you must check out Tokyo, Japan. One of Japans largest city with a retail area that makes even the most shopaholics drool. Look for the latest anime, or perhaps you are fashionable? Tokyo has it and more.

Sumo Wrestling
Japan is infamous for Sumo wrestling. The popular sport has been a tradition for years and years. Dating back all the way to the beginning of Japan. Most major cities will have fights going on and the tickets aren’t too expensive. Unlike America, you can enjoy this sport without having to shell out a ton of cash for food, beverages, or tickets.

Note: Children might not like the arenas. They are built very close and there is a lot of shouting and taunting.

Take A Bath
Most people take bathing for what it is. Japan has taken it to a new level. You can find plenty of hot springs to bathe at. In Japan its a way of life and its part of their culture. So enjoy a hot spring or two. Your muscles will thank you, and of course you will end up squeaky clean.

Japan is beautiful, rich in culture, with a unique society. Don’t miss the chance to see this wonderful country.


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