How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are just fun. A well-planned and executed road trip can become unforgettable; a one-in-a-lifetime experience you and your friend will be talking about for years. As fun as it sound to just drive toward the horizon your road trip will be much more fun and safe if you come prepared. Here is how to plan the perfect road trip.

Vigan City Road Trip
Vigan City Road Trip

Plan the route

Much depends on what kind of route you take. Your road trip is not only about getting from A to B, it’s about the drive itself. Study your map, read you guide book and opt not for the shortest or fastest way but for the most scenic route with some interesting stops on the way. Once on the road, don’t rush to get there, stop when you see something worth stopping for and enjoy every minute of the drive.

Pack snacks

Food and travel go together like horse and carriage. Trying local food when on the road is a big part of the fun but do not forget to stock up on snack for the road. A portable fridge is a great piece of gear that will keep your drinks cool and your food fresh. Search the internet for some great road-food options, original sandwich ideas, cold cuts, quick salads, pickles…driving is more fun when you munch on more than chocolate bars and peanuts.

Get ready for the sun

Sunny weather is something you will hope for when hitting the road, but at the same time the sun is something you need to protect yourself and your family and friends from. Hazardous rays might reach your skin and eyes even when you’re inside a car so an anti-sun lotion and shades with a UV filter are a must. To keep the temperature down in the car, make sure the AC is in shape. You can also bring some water in an aerosol to spray when you need an instant cool-down.

Turn on the music

Time passes faster with a song! Make sure to bring some CDs or an mp3 player with a good playlist with you on the road trip. And to avoid conflict on the road, make sure everybody in the car enjoys listening to Celine Dion and Motorhead for seven hours in a row.

Get the car ready

Nothing spoils a road trip like a broken car or an accident. Keep your car in shape and give it a proper checkup before you leave. Oil, tires, lights – all has to be in perfect condition. And once you’re out there on the road, drive safe and slow, you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere, the journey is the reward here. But if you do have an accident, take a look at to keep stress under control.

Crossing a country by car is one of the most rewarding kinds of journey. It’s just you, your friends and loved ones, and endless opportunities. You decide where to go, when and where to stop and how to get to your destination, isn’t this the definition of freedom?

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