How to Choose Distinctive and Durable Leather Luggage

Distinctive and Durable Leather Luggage

Seasoned travelers are well aware of the challenges and pressures of travel and the need for functional, sturdy luggage. They want it to stand up to the rigors of use and still look stylish. Leather is the material of choice for luggage that is enduring in quality and elegant in style. Leather rolling luggage adds the convenience of wheels to maneuver through a busy airport or parking lot and avoid the strain of lifting a well-packed suitcase. There are several points to consider when choosing leather luggage that will endure the current trip as well as the next adventure.

Ghurka Rolling Leather Luggage
Ghurka Rolling Leather Luggage

Select the Finest Leather

Leather is an amazingly strong and flexible material created through the tanning of animal skins and rawhide. The types of skins most often used for the manufacture of fine leather products are from cows or sheep as well as pigs. Cowhide is used most widely because of the outstanding leather quality, availability, and size of the animal. French calfskin is considered to be some of the finest leather in the world due to its exceptionally soft feel and fine grain.

For the highest grade of quality leather available, insist on full grain leather. The most durable and strongest area of the hide is just below the hair. The grain is quite tight and the leather made from this area is referred to as full grain. Due to the tightness of the grain, it is resistant to moisture. These hides have not been buffed or altered except for hair removal, and have not been treated in any way to remove surface imperfections or natural markings. Since the surface layer remains intact, maximum durability and fiber strength are the resultant advantages, ensuring years of enjoyment and use. In fact, instead of wearing down, full grain leather will develop a patina from handling and will continue to improve in appearance.

Ghurka Travel Bags
Ghurka Travel Bags

Inspect the Quality

To avoid the dreaded luggage breakdown, make the quality of construction a top priority and opt for a long warranty of at least three years. Look for several characteristics to find long-lasting leather rolling luggage:


  • The bag should be sturdy and rugged without being too heavy. Check to make sure it stands upright even when fully loaded.
  • Corners should be strong and protected from possible damage.


  • Wheels that are larger make for easier rolling and are less likely to get jammed or clatter. In-line skate wheels are maneuverable and roll smoothly.
  • Large, heavy duty zippers will stand up to frequent use.
  • A telescoping handle should be inside the bag and lock in all positions.

Internal Features Count

The internal space of a suitcase should be lined with a quality material that is not prone to wearing. It should be generous enough to have room for clothing and the necessary travel gear, with strong, adjustable straps to hold it all in place. Zippered pockets inside the bag provide secure places for smaller items as well as easy access for unpacking, while hidden pockets add to a traveler’s peace of mind.

Leather is an ideal material for luggage due to its strength, longevity, and the look of luxury that never goes out of style. With proper care, it should last through a lifetime of travel and adventures.
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