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25 Pictures That Prove Boracay Island has One Of The Best Beaches in the World

FACT: Boracay Island has One Of The Best Beaches in the World

There are many stunning beaches worldwide, and Boracay in the Philippines is one of them. Boracay is famous for its powdery sand beaches and secret coves, but it is also one of the best places to enjoy water sports, meet new friends, party all night, watch the beautiful sunset, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Have you been to the island of Boracay? Here are the 25 pictures that prove Boracay Island has one of the Best Beaches in the World.

Best Beaches Find your perfect spot
It’s easy to relax in Boracay; just find your perfect spot. photo by Kamijo Hayashi

tropical holidays
Boracay Island placed 1st (no 1) best overall Best Beach in Asia according to Travel+ Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2012

Sunset At Ocean
There is nothing more breathtaking than the sight of twilight on Boracay Island. This island is one of the best places to view the sunset in the Philippines. After taking photos of it, use photo retouching services to give your pics an even more attention-grabbing look.

Boracay Street Food
If you have already tried Balut, then you should also try these exotic street foods. Try grilled chicken intestines, pork intestines, pork blood, chicken feet, chicken head, pork, and chicken liver. More Exotic, More Fun!

Early Morning in Boracay
This is how early morning in Boracay looks like… photo by Ryan Desiderio

Meet new Friends
Meet new Friends in Boracay! Many people say that Filipinos are the friendliest people (proof) in the World. Go to Boracay for you to find out! Photo by Rod Waddington

Boracay is a Seafood Island
Boracay is a Seafood Island – In Talipapa area, you can buy fresh shrimp, scallops, tuna fish, oysters, lobsters, and crabs and have them cooked. Photo by Shubert

More Sun, More Fun
More Sun, More Fun! There’s unlimited Sun on the Island:) Photo By Peter Jaena

stunning sunset
Another stunning sunset in Boracay Photo by Shubert

Kids in Boracay
In this Island, everyone will greet you with a SMILE:) Photo by Kenneth Gaerlan

Relax in Boracay
The best thing to do in Boracay is to do nothing! Just get a beer bottle, sit down, and look at this fantastic view. photo by Eugene

Swim with the Fishes
Find new friends… some of them are underwater:) photo by Daniel Go

Dance All Day
Dance All Day with the locals. Every second week of January, the locals celebrate the Ati-Atihan Festival, where everyone parades on the beach wearing colorful indigenous costumes. Photo by Erick Opena

Sunset in Boracay

Sundown in Boracay Island. Are you still unconvinced that this island is one of the world’s best sunset spots? Photo by V Malazarte

Boracay Secret Beach
If you hate the crowded beach, avoid public holidays and the peak season, summer. You may also visit some of the hidden beaches in Boracay. Photo by Sabrina Iovino. Check out her post-Boracay on a Budget – A World-Class island paradise in the Philippines on $23 a day.

Boracay Sunset by Brenna Bustamante
One of the best places to view sunset in Boracay is from Diniwid Beach to Station 2 because there are a lot of paraws stationed in those areas. Photo by Brenna Bustamante

Boracay Sundown by Oman Serapio
In the 1980s, the island became famous as a budget destination for backpackers; by the 1990s, Boracay’s beaches were acclaimed as the best in the world. Photo by Oman Serapio

Grab a fresh Coconut Juice by Gep Pascual
Grab a fresh Coconut Juice at walk barefoot on Boracay’s famous powdery white sand. – Photo by Gep Pascual

Another reason to visit Boracay is to watch and experience this colorful sunset. photo by Long Nguyen via Unsplash
Another reason to visit Boracay is to watch and experience this colorful sunset. Photo by Long Nguyen via Unsplash
Beautiful Sunset in Boracay
Beautiful Sunset in Boracay
Balinghai Beach Boracay
Balinghai Beach Boracay
Boracay Sunset
Boracay Sunset
Back in Boracay
Back in Boracay

Activities in Boracay are endless; in fact, this island never sleeps. Boracay has everything for everyone!

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