Heartwarming video for today. Good job to Mang Inasal for recognizing this hero!

Must Watch: Mang Inasal Recognizes This Modern Day Hero

In a bid to celebrate this year’s National Heroes Day and in an aim to recognize Philippines’ modern-day heroes, Mang Inasal is introducing “Gawad Pilipinoy.”

Gawad Pilipinoy Modern Day Hero
Gawad Pilipinoy Modern Day Hero

First Recognition Program

Gawad Pilipinoy is the top Pinoy BBQ restaurant’s very first recognition program. The program’s purpose is not only to discover but to also give appreciation to those people who are using their skills and knowledge to unselfishly serve to other people – especially to those who are in need.

Individuals who are deemed recipient of this award are Filipinos who show off “Galing ng Pinoy” through their own advocacies.

First Gawad Pilipinoy Honoree

The leading food brand picked Adrian Karl L. Cobrado as its first Filipino to be named Gawad Pilipinoy honoree.

Founder of a program billed Project BangKarunungan, Cobrado is a teacher by profession.

The Project BangKarunungan wishes to nurture children’s love of reading. Through this initiative, Cobrado, along with other volunteer teachers, is providing education to the people in the islands at no cost using a boat or “bangka.”

The Video

The moment Mang Inasal’s official Facebook page pushed out a video that talks about its first Pilipinoy Cobrado, many hearts have already been touched. The video has since then gained thousands of likes and shares from the netizens.

In the video, Cobrado shares that BangKarunungan kick-started as a reading program within their school.

He says that since he was a kid, he already thought that sharing his talent and knowledge to less fortunate kids is his mission in life.

He goes on to say that he once lived in an island when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. During that time, he realized that many people actually need the help of teachers like him.

He further says that he is convinced that the project that he began can further boost interest on reading, and on education as a whole, particularly among kids.

For Cobrado, he firmly believes that someday, he will be named the world’s greatest teacher.

Should you wish to be inspired by this Gawad PiliPinoy awardee, hit the play button to watch the video.

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