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AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes Lends His Voice to Waze

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Tony Fernandes Lends His Voice to Waze

You’ve read it right – Tony Fernandes would be the one in-charge of air-traffic control as you navigate your way though the weaving roads of Malaysia. Group CEO and co-founder of AirAsia, Fernandes would be lending his voice on Waze, the real-time traffic navigation app that would make it possible for you to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible.

Tony Fernandes
Tony Fernandes By lastsham – airasia, CC BY 2.0,

Both companies are thrilled with this brand new collaboration in an effort to provide Malaysian drivers with a better grasp of the in and outs of the city. According to Waze Sales Manager for Malaysia, Edward Ling, voice prompts are their most popular feature and the introduction of Tony Fernandes would be “a great way to bring a brand to life within the context of a drive.” Inarguably, adding a new voice to their available sounds would give app users a wider range of options – choosing the ones that best works for their personal preferences.

With an actual human voice – from Tony Fernandes no less – users of the app Waze wouldn’t feel like they’re talking to a robot with very little grasp on the English language. Introducing a more human feel to the conversation, it is in the hope of AirAsia and Waze to make it feel as though users are smoothly and efficiently flying their own plane in the most efficient way possible.

Of course, Fernandes has to put in a caveat, bearing in mind the typical unpredictability of traffic.

“I can’t make any promises about the congestion but I can promise that with Waze, we will get you there the quickest and least boring way possible.”

Well, at least, that’s something users can look forward to with this new improvement to the Waze app. With Tony Fernandes at the helm, Filipino users of Waze would find themselves easily understanding and following the instructions, thanks to the Filipino-friendly accent.

Why Waze?

Waze is currently one of the most cost-efficient apps today that takes into account the comfort of the frequent traveler. With the goal of limiting the stress when navigating through new roads, Waze constantly updates their app to make sure that all traffic considerations are incorporated into the system.

Tony Fernandez photo by
Tony Fernandez photo by

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. If you don’t have it yet – make sure to download one now. If you’ve got the app already, prompt an update before changing your settings to Tony Fernandes. Just go to Menu, hit Settings, find Sounds and choose “English UK – Tony Fernandes.”

For more information about AirAsia or Waze, check out their main websites.

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