Headware releases new Loop Scarf designs

Headware’s Loop Scarf was an item that made a visible impact to a lot of people since its release. From people going outdoors for travel and other activities, to going out in the city carrying a flexible fashion accessory, the Loop Scarf proved to be fashion friendly and frequently nifty.

Ombre Lifestyle
Ombre Lifestyle

Now, Headware releases new designs through the reversible and multicolor Loop Scarf. The new designs utilize the same breathable fabric and versatility of the previous models. Choose from five different multicolor Loop Scarf designs and have a great adventure during the day or chill and party into the night. Have fun and test your creativity with three new designs for the reversible Loop Scarf.

The new Headware Loop Scarf also includes trendy looks and patterns such as the weave and ombre styles. These new versions can also be used as a bolero, double loop scarf, shoulder shawl, single loop scarf, head scarf, or any creative uses as the previous ones.

These fresh designs reflect what it means to be bold and daring when it comes to fashion.  Now, there’s simply more Loop Scarves to love and wear wherever life goes.  Be it part of the new year to come out strong and trendy or simply go back to a brand that assures comfort, flexibility, and style, Headware’s new Loop Scarf designs are simply what’s needed.

The Multicolor Loop Scarves are available for P545 (Petite – 40 cm x 75 cm) and P795 (Regular – 80 cm x 75 cm). The Reversible, Ombre and Weave styles are all offered for P795. The new designs are accessible at ROX Bonifacio High Street. For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/the.headware


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