Hamilo Coast Regatta 2011 : Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle

Pico de Loro Beach in Nasugbu Batangas

For some reason when I imagine a perfect coastal community, I always picture sailboats. Maybe that’s the reason all those Renaissance artists painted puffy white clouds – they were really thinking of sails.

pinoy sailing team
One of the Sailing Teams in Hamilo Coast Regatta 2011

The truth is there is little that makes you feel so alive as having the sea breeze in your face and the wind filling your sails. In fact, just watching can put you in a special zone of relaxation. Maybe it’s the endless variations of blue tints and hues…one thing for sure, it is Paradise.

Colorful Sail Boats
Colorful Sail Boats

I was fortunate to be invited last weekend to a very eco-friendly sailing event that took all the stress out of my bones and made me sure that paradise awaits all sailors. Myself and a group of fellow travel writers and photographers were invited to the 2011 Hamilo Coast Regatta. While this was my first time in Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu Batangas, you can be sure that I will go again and again.

Racers Briefing at the Beach Club
Racers Briefing at the Beach Club

The Hamilo Coast is on it’s way to becoming one of the premier eco-destinations in the Philippines with SM land and the WWF working together to develop sustainable green eco-tourism and lifestyles along the thirteen coves, wild coastline, and vast hectares of verdant forests in the area.

Sailors Warming Up
Sailors Warming Up

In just a short time, the property has become the premier destination in Nasugbu Batangas and a part of that was this wonderful event. The wind was much friendlier during the second day of the race so we decided to watch and take photos of the racers up-close by riding the spectator speed boat provided by the Hamilo Coast. Did I say the wind is friendlier? Oh It was a whole lot of pure exhilirating fun

Think Green - Join the Philippine Regatta Series
Think Green – Join the Philippine Regatta Series

PHINSAF, a group of sailing aficionados grouped with SM Land to hold the most celebrated Regatta event. In the event, ocean lovers including many PHINSAF members sailed Hobie 16s for the first time in the area much to the delight of the participants like us and those who watched from the shore.

Maria Vidueira and her teammate John Hagedorn
Maria Vidueira and her teammate John Hagedorn proudly display their Louie Coson memorial trophy as winners of the Hamilo Coast Regatta 2011 masters division.

“This event is a means for us to show the world our support for the sport of sailing, in keeping the overall vision for Hamilo Coast” said Rona Torres-Tan, Senior Vice President of Costa del Hamilo Inc. (CDHI) “ Though the Regatta, she said, Hamilo Coast seeks to show how it will define and redefine the coastal lifestyle in the Philippines”.

Getting Ready to Jump
Getting Ready to Jump

She went on to explain that the Hamilo Coast is a chance to expand on the definition of the Coastal Lifestyle in the Philippines and that this sort of event not only supported the environment but also encouraged protection of it. They envisioned the property to be the center of water activities and eco-activities for the entire region and the regatta is the flagship event. The value of environmental sustainability is important to PHINSAF and as the organizers pointed out – sailing is about as environmentally friendly as it gets. In addition, sailing gets participants close to nature and thus nurtures sustainable ethics and values.

Regatta in Pico de Loro Nasugbu Batangas
Hamilo Coast celebrates the coastal lifestyle with the 2nd Regatta series organized by PHINSAF.

“The sport of sailing is very eco-friendly – it does not use any fossil fuels to power boats, instead, they use the natural wind. What’s more is that sailors are usually also very environmentally-aware as they are so close to the elements in the practice of their sport. You cant get closer to mother nature, to your co-sailor, than when you’re sailing — its just you, the sun, the sea, the wind” said Monchu Garcia of PHINSAF.

Regatta Winners
Ridgely Balladares and Romer Chavez (center) are this year’s champions of the Hamilo Coast Regatta; with them are PHINSAF race official, Jerry Rollin; Elizabeth Sy of Hamilo Coast and Rona Torres-Tan, Senior Vice President of Hamilo Coast.

The Hamilo Coast is the perfect place for that and the members only Pico de Loro Cove Beach and Country Club brings luxury, eco friendly ethics, and spectacular beach and mountain activities and settings. The Pico Sands Hotel, an Exlusive 150-room hotel hosted participants and guests at the Regatta.

Hamilo Coast is accessible by the Tagaytay route going beyond to Nasugbu Batangas which takes approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours. By air on helicopter, travel from the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City will take as little as 20 minutes.

** I misplaced one of the SD Cards I used during the Regatta event:( Many thanks to Amiel M. Mendoza of   http://www.eon.com.ph for sharing the photos.

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