The Seven Essential Travel Items You Should Always be Traveling With


7 Essential Travel Items You Should Always be Traveling With

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure on your next trip, you’ll want to be prepared for any situation that may arise. Though, if you’re like most of us, you wait until the very last minute to put together your suitcase, and in the process forget essential travel items.

Essential Travel Items Camera Backpack
Essential Travel Items on your Backpack

Don’t worry.

Next time, the work is done for you. The only thing you’ll have to do for your next adventure is go over this checklist of essentials to keep you clean, connected, and ready for anything.

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Don’t leave home without these 7 Essential Travel Items:

1) Tablet, Pen, and Paper

It’s no secret that when you travel, you want to stay connected—whether that be to family at home, the office, or the hotel waiting at your destination. The advantages of carrying a tablet (iPad, Kindle Fire, Microsoft surface, etc.) give you the connectivity of a laptop without the added weight in your carry-on. Another Kindle bonus: you can carry your entire reading library with you, so you’ll never be without a new title to read.

Pen and Paper
Pen and Paper

On the paper end of things, it’s also helpful to carry a few pens and a notebook with you just in case in you want to jot things down during take-off and landing, or leave information with individuals you may meet along the way during your travels.

2) Universal power strip

In order to stay connected, you also need to be able to recharge your items. Power outlets may be hard to come by in airports, or when you’re out and about. Having a universal power strip eliminates this problem.

powercube rewirable
powercube rewirable

The powercube by allocacoc offers a unique solution for both domestic and international travel, including two USB ports. If you travel often, this is one of the essential travel items you must have.

3) Dry Snacks

Layover in the airport? Long bus ride, or extended work meeting? It’s wise for you to keep dry snacks like trail mix, protein bars, dried fruit, etc. in your bag.

Dried Mango
Dried Mango

You never know when something unexpected might happen, and this way you’ll keep your energy up and won’t go hungry. Your stomach will also thank you.

4) Toiletry bag

It’s pretty standard to keep basic toiletries with you when you travel. However, in addition to the usual shampoo and conditioner, add in deodorant, aspirin, wipes, toothpaste and hand lotion. These simple items will allow you to freshen up no matter where you are and be ready for anything—a night out on the town or an important client meeting.

GoToob by Humangear
GoToob by Humangear

Another helpful hint for your travel-size toiletries is to purchase refillable bottles. There are quite a few options out there, but one of the best choices are these convenient silicone bottles by GoToob. They are approved by TSA, flexible for your carry-on and let you squeeze every last bit out of the bottle—waste not, want not right?

5) Change of clothes including travel towel

It’s a no-brainer to pack a change of clothes in your carry-on in case there is any type of mishap with your checked baggage. But, most travelers don’t always think to include a small towel in as well, finding out the hard way it is the one item they really needed.

Travel Towel by Intelligent Pelican
Travel Towel by Intelligent Pelican

Investing in a quality, travel-friendly towel that fits in a backpack and dries fast, allows you to be prepared for almost anything—an airport delay, a hotel fiasco or simply the ability to clean up in the bathroom before your next business meeting.

6) Foldable Tote/Sac

Including a foldable tote in your carry-on has many different uses during your travels and takes up very minimal space. Use it to carry groceries and avoid paying for plastic (which is also better for the environment!), or throw your dirty clothes in it.

Foldable Bag by Herschel
Foldable Bag by Herschel

You’ll also be prepared for an impromptu picnic, a day at the beach or some amazing flea market finds. Whatever the case, having one of these totes will always come in handy.

7) Travel mug

Finally, invest in a leak proof travel mug to take with you. You’ll not only have a way to grab a beverage to-go or refill with water whenever you need (though you should always first make sure it’s safe to drink from the tap wherever you are), but you can also use it as a container for more delicate items while you travel—like sunglasses, fragile gifts and jewelry.

leak proof travel mug by Thermos
leak proof travel mug by Thermos

You may have some other items you may want to include on your own essential travel items checklist, which is great. But if not, as long as you stick to these basics, you’ll be prepared for almost any situation wherever you travel to next. You won’t weigh yourself down with a heavy bag either.

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