5 Daypacks for Real Backpackers

The most important part of a good backpacking trip is the backpack itself. Choosing one is quite difficult, and while you may prefer a large one that would fit everything you have, a smaller daypack that fits less but is more comfortable and safe for your back is a better choice overall. To help you get started, here are just a few of the best daypacks that are used and loved by the most avid backpackers all over the world.

osprey daypack
Osprey Raptor 10 M/L

Osprey Raptor 10 M/L. The Raptor 10 has an ideal volume for everyday hiking or riding at 10 liters for the Medium/Large version (there’s also the S/M version that only fits 8 liters), and it includes a 3 liter HydraForm water reservoir to keep you hydrated every minute of your trip. The main attractions however, are the excellent build quality, with a lot of unique features like the adjustable LidLock, magnetic sternum strap buckle, NoScratch top slash pocket, and more, which make your experience better and your life easier, allowing you to focus on the adventure.

jansport daypack
JanSport Equinox

JanSport Equinox. The 3 liter Equinox from JanSport is much smaller than the Raptor 10 above, however it is meant for city exploration, which it can accomplish perfectly for anyone. The daypack is big enough to fit anything you would need on a usual day-long trip through a city, and the design is inconspicuous to avoid attracting any unwanted attention.

best osprey daypack
Osprey Kestrel 38

Osprey Kestrel 38. Another quality daypack from Osprey, the Kestrel 38 is the ultimate backpack for mountaineering and long camping trips. It is a whole 38 liters in volume, which means it will fit anything you may need, and it has a lot of useful features for trekking, like the pole attachment, integrated rain cover, zippered sleeping bag accessory and more.

best north face daypack
The North Face Gulper

The North Face Gulper/Dusky. The Gulper/Dusky (men and women’s versions, respectively) is a very nice medium sized day pack for all of your daily trips. It is perfect for trail runs, short trekking and rides that won’t take more than a day, and the clever hydration system will keep you active and effective at all times, while the perforated foam back panel and straps make it extremely comfortable to wear.

best camelbak daypack
CamelBak MULE NV

CamelBak MULE/LUXE. The MULE/LUXE daypacks have pretty much established themselves as the leading choice for those who need a sturdy and reliable pack for anything from city exploration to trail runs, daily hikes and bike rides. The 10 liter volume ensures that you’ll always have more than enough space for anything you may need, the 3 liter hydration accessory will keep you hydrated at all times for a full day and a half, and the ventilated back panel with lumbar support makes it very easy and comfortable to carry the pack on your back all day long.

There’s really a whole world of backpacks out there, and it’s very difficult to choose the perfect one, especially when there are a lot of brands and models that would work. If you’re unsure about the daypack you need for backpacking, start by looking at the above ones, then work your way from there (chances are you’ll actually like one of these, since they’re pretty much the best).

  1. Cams says

    Try Deuter too. 🙂 Top of the line quality.

    1. melo says

      @Cams – thanks ill try that brand soon:)

  2. Cams says

    Yup. Not as expensive as North Face (North Face is REALLY expensive), but its quality is superb.

    My boyfriend (who is really into traveling too) has one, and it hasn’t failed him since. 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Cams – yup Im seeing so many backpackers using that brand so it looks like the brand is really reliable;)

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