Funcl W1 and Funcl AI Budget wireless headphones review

Manila Philippines — It is no surprise that every year – technology just keeps on evolving – and tech brands keeps on innovating their product for the sake of consumers’ satisfaction and convenience. And what we’re about to introduce you is among the latest gadgets in the market worth checking out.

(L-R) Funcl W1 and Funcl AI wireless headphones
(L-R) Funcl W1 and Funcl AI wireless headphones

There were mixed responses online ever since Apple released their wireless airpods last year. Many have shared that it’s too expensive and has lesser functions than the earpods, while other say it’s a perfect apple creation especially for those who are always on the run and that it sounded better.

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However, there’s a new wireless earbud in the market that will surely get every gamer’s attention out there – the newest Funcl W1 and Funcl AI! Is this the new Apple Airpods Killer? Read on…

Funcl W1 Bluetooth wireless headphones review
Funcl W1 Bluetooth wireless headphones review

Fortunately, we’ve got our hands in these latest products, and considering their USD19 and USD54 price tag, these two amazing products are worth the penny!


The black Funcl AI is truly sleek and fits perfectly on the ears. It’s very comfortable to wear and features a Hi-Fi sound and long battery life. By the way, it’s also pronounced as “funk-kel” which is more like a combination of “fun” and “uncle” (pun intended).

It has an ergonomic and compact black matte charging case which is indeed an A+ for us – as you can put it anywhere and it does look expensive as well!

Unboxing Funcl AI Wireless Headphones
Unboxing Funcl AI Wireless Headphones

Its earbuds does not also fall off easily because of its protective magnetic case system. Unlike the Airpods, the Funcl AI’s headphone rack is placed horizontally for a more unique look.

As for the Funcl W1, you’d definitely dig in the capsule-like charging case, with the same magnetic case system as well. Stylish. It also came with a, a micro USB cord, and a few sizes of silicone ear tips.

Funcl Wireless Headphones Review
Funcl Wireless Headphones Review

The difference here is that W1 has a rounded earbud while the Funcl is similar with the Apple Airpods. Both also has its touch button with their “f” logo.

Funcl AI – Product Technical Specifications

Funcl AI - Product Technical Specifications
Funcl AI – Product Technical Specifications


Funcl AI is a great earbud, there’s no denying, in terms of sound quality! It works on both android and apple devices which is great.

Just like the Apple Airpods, Funcl AI automatically turns on whenever I take them out of the protective and charging case. The wireless earphone also connects fast to my iPhone and Android phone. The device also automatically turns off as soon as I place them on its charging case.

I also like the horizontal design of the earphone rack which makes the storage case more compact and stylish.

Funcl W1 and Funcl AI are the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones
Funcl W1 and Funcl AI are the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones
Feature Funcl AI Funcl W1
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
Weight 4.9g 4.4g
Dimensions 40.2 x 22.9 x 15.8 mm 30.9 x 17.8 x 16.7 mm
Impedance 16 16
Sensitivity 100+3dB 100+3dB
SNR >95dB > 95dB
Optimized Latency 60ms 150ms
Playtime 6.5 hours 4.5 hours
Battery Life up to 24 hours up to 18 hours
Control Touch Touch
Audio support SBCAACaptX SBCAAC
Waterproof IPX5 IPX5
Charging time 5070 minutes 5070 minutes
Price $54 $19


These budget wireless earpods are worth the bucks! The W1 can be bought for only $19 while the AI model is $54. It seems pretty okay for its price, compared to the uber expensive Apple Airpods. These models are also available in white and matte black color.

Funcl Wireless Headphones
Funcl Wireless Headphones

Both of these Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones are available for order through Indiegogo. Good News!!! Out of Town Blog readers can purchase the Funcl AI at $49 ($5 off) through this Indiegogo link (limited to first 50 buyers), so grab one now!.



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