Travel Guide: Top 5 Cool Things to do in Las Vegas

You’re having a Las Vegas vacation in a couple of weeks, but you still can’t decide where you’re spending it. Plus, you’re tired of the typical swimming, shopping, eating, and sleeping you do every single time.

Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip at Night photo by Adam Kliczek (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

You’re tired of the mundane. You want something new. You want a little twist in your vacation. Tell you what: there’s a little place on Earth where you can find that twist you’re looking for…and it’s in Las Vegas! And it’s NOT all about gaming, drinking, and dancing, too.

Here are 5 cool, twisted things you can do while in Las Vegas:

1. Become a detective

CSI The Experience
CSI The Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada

Someone’s been killed!.. And it’s up to you to solve the mystery. At MGM Grand, Las Vegas, is the one and only CSI: The Experience, where you get to do all the detective work with simulated crimes. Of course, no one really died, but it’s so real you’ll feel like one of the casts of the series CSI. It’s definitely an experience of a lifetime!

2. Float around in zero gravity

Zero G in Las Vegas
Zero G in Las Vegas photo by by jurvetson via Flickr cc-by-2.0

Ever wondered what it’s like to be weightless? You don’t have to go to space to feel so. Zero-G in Las Vegas gives you the chance to experience zero gravity within a modified Boeing 727 (on Earth), which means you get to be able to float around, just like astronauts! And since taking pictures in zero gravity is quite difficult, Zero-G’s crew of experts will do it for you.

3. See and swim with sharks

Shark Reef Aquarium
Shark Reef Aquarium

If you don’t like the sun too much, why don’t you dive in Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay? It’s a great way of escaping from the heat of the sun, and a great way of seeing several species of sharks, rays, and fish, first hand. That’s right: first hand, real time, and live. You don’t even need to bring your own equipment—the crew will happily provide that for you—just come along and see what it’s like to swim with one of the world’s most dangerous underwater predators.

4. Taste comedy and magic combined

Penn and Teller Theater by Don Richards via Flickr CC
Penn and Teller Theater by Don Richards via Flickr CC

If you’re looking for an exotic twist to your vacation, then make sure to drop by the Penn and Teller theatre in Rio Las Vegas. Penn and Teller are eccentric fellows who have mastered the art of combining magic and comedy. And you get to see them live. These guys have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, and, if you really desire excitement in your vacation, make sure to volunteer when they ask for one!

5. Do shopping the fun way

Hersheys Chocolate World by Richard Bitting via Flickr CC
Hershey’s Chocolate World by Richard Bitting via Flickr CC

If you still feel like shopping, then make sure to do it the fun, extraordinary way! Going to Hershey’s Chocolate World in Las Vegas will definitely not be your ordinary shopping trip, so make sure to hold on to your hats. Here, you don’t just shop: you also personalize, design, and make your very own sweets! If you’re a sweet tooth, or if you just desire a little twist in your holidays, then this place is a must-see. If you are looking for a cheapest way to go, you can check coupon sites or even special promotions for your Las Vegas vacation.

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