Where to find Car Rental Services in Manila?

8008 Tour & Transport ServicesWith so many Car Rental options in Manila, it’s hard to find the best one. Sure! Search engine will give you a lot of results when you search for “best car rental in Manila” or “reliable rent a car in Manila” but are they really the best and reliable car rental company?

If you are looking for rent a car company in Metro Manila, we recommend that you contact 8008 Tours and Transport because they are the most recommended company by most travel agents in the City. They are offering different types of vehicles for your land transportation.

The company is engaged in the business of land transport services that includes charter related services to private companies, individuals and, tourist visitors. 8008 Tours and Transport is a member of Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA). They also have DOT trained driver–guide for your safety and guaranteed satisfaction. They also provide special services such as guided tours to places like Subic, Pagsanjan, Tagaytay, Villa Escudero, Hidden Valley, and Manila City. They also provide airport transfer services.

8008 Tours and Transport are manned by competent, trustworthy and reliable regular staff, driver/guides, and mechanics. They have  various models of vehicles (rainbow plates) to suit the individual corporate needs of clients. The following is a list of the Company’s available vehicles:

Car Type MODEL
Coaster – Toyota (22 seater + 7) 2011
Coaster – Mitsubishi Rosa (22 + 7) 2010
Coaster – Mitsubishi Rosa ( 23 + 7) 2005
Toyota Grandia 2010
Toyota Commuters 2011
Toyota Innova 2011
Toyota Vios 2011
Toyota Altis 2007
Nissan Escapade 2009

From a modest company that started with one vehicle and only subscribed to a pay-parking service, the company grew to a fleet of twelve (12) vehicles, (12) employees and has acquired its own parking garage located in the heart of Manila.

For Bookings and Reservations:

8008 Tours and Transport Services
Ms. Pie Pusing
2212 Suter St., Sta. Ana, Manila
(T) +63 2 5616808 / +63 2 5615382
(F) +63 2 5615382
(E) pie_8008@yahoo.com

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