5 Myths About Air Travel You Probably Believe

There are plenty of myths that have permeated in real life and that people take for granted without even questioning the fact. This is especially true when it comes to air travel where there is a lot of myth still persisting. In this article we will be speaking about 5 common myths about air travel and why are they wrong.

Passenger enjoying inflight mobile phone service on an A380 - Emirates.com
Passenger enjoying inflight mobile phone service on an A380 – Emirates.com

Opening a door during a flight is dangerous

Although opening a door during a flight might cause the pressure to come down it is physically impossible for a human being to do so. This is because of the air pressure that will be exerting on the plane at such high attitude. So the next time you find a passenger acting weirdly, do not fear whether he will open a door and cause damage to the plane unless he is not human.

A hole in the airplane

This is closely related to the first myth and has been popularized by cinema. Indeed how many times have we watched a movie where someone will shoot out a hole and people will get sucked out into the sky? Although the hole may cause a decompression it is not likely to cause the effect that has been shown in films as evidenced by a hole in a Southwest Airlines flight. Despite the fact that there was a decompression it did not reach the extent where the plane will be turned into bits and pieces.

Recirculated air can contaminate you

Popularized by pandemics film where viruses spread dramatically over the globe, this is another common myth. Although the air in planes is recirculated, it goes through different layers of filters which according to the manufacturers are of hospital quality. Furthermore the air is replaced every 2-3 minutes making sure that you have a whole load of fresh air for you to breathe. So the next time you are in a plane do not fear of getting contaminated.

Seat Belt can prevent your escape

Although it is true that wearing a seat belt can hinder your escape in case of an accident, there are far more advantages that are associated with the wearing a seat belt. Just as in a car the belt will be useful in case of accidents as it will prevent you from being thrown out of your seat and hit your head against something. So fasten those seatbelts next time without fear.

Mobile phone interfering with plane instruments

If electronic gadgets can really interfere with airplane communication and navigation systems then no one should be permitted to board a plane with a mobile phone or iPad. It looks like passengers are being asked to turn off their mobile phones because they are needed to pay attention during takeoff.


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