European Union (EU) Family gives a cultural treat to Pinoy Youth this Weekend

Ode to the Stars and to the Moon 2020

Manila, Philippines — Pinoy children and youth are in for a special cultural treat this weekend on Friday 5 June at 10:30 a.m. and on Saturday 6 June at 8pm through the FB page of the EU Delegation to the Philippines.

Ode to the Stars and to the Moon
Ode to the Stars and to the Moon

The European Union Delegation to the Philippines together with the Embassies of Czech Republic, France, Italy (through the Philippine-Italian Association) Poland, and the Manila Street Astronomers have developed a cultural extravaganza of films, games, songs, stories, and an astronomy event.

Mr. Thomas Wiersing, Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. EU Delegation to the Philippines said that the “Lakbayin natin ang EU” and “Ode to the Stars and to the Moon” aim to enable children to learn about the European Union without having to physically visit the continent, especially during this pandemic. While both events have been organised previously, this is the first time that the EU Delegation and its partners have ventured into holding the twin events virtually.

Lakbayin natin ang EU
Lakbayin natin ang EU

Opening Salvo – French Children’s Films

France is s the birthplace of film and has contributed immensely to the history, enrichment of the film as an art form. “Fantasmagorie” is an animated film from France by Emile Cohol and is said to be one of the earliest examples of traditional animation.

Ode to the Stars and to the Moon 2020
Ode to the Stars and to the Moon 2020

The French Embassy in this year’s edition of “Lakbayin natin ang EU” has lined up the following children’s films which are accessible until 25 June:

  • 14 (On the Tour de France) a champion cyclist of the Tour de France finds his way by accident into a small town
  • Sales Gosses (Naughty kids) a story about how a parent instills discipline onto children directed by Hassan Bensmaine, Alexis Kerjosse, Emmanuelle Ngan Sing, Marine Vilette, and Delphine Zombo On Parent-Children relationship
  • Raoul (Embouteillages, on traffic) Getting caught in traffic, and how to get out of it
  • Breakfast in Paris – A Parisian teenager skips breakfast (on a parent-children relationship)
  • Le Ballet (on watching a ballet at the Opera) directed by Louis Thomas

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