Eco-Friendly Tours in Boracay


Fun in the Sun: Eco-Friendly Tours in Boracay

Reduce carbon emissions and explore Boracay pollution-free with eco-friendly tours on the island.

Paraw Sailing in Boracay
Paraw Sailing in Boracay

Feel the rhythm of your own breath, as you cruise to secluded beaches and verdant trails with no noisy engines attached.  It’s just you being one with nature, which involves yourself and the living things around you.

Paraw Sailing

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Chill-out and let the wind show you what it can do in a paraw sailing trip.

Get comfy on the netted outriggers, as your friendly skipper maneuvers the sail toward your destination, be it for snorkeling and snacks at the rustic Balinghai cove in Boracay or to the adjacent island for an adventure hike into the rugged and scenic terrain of Panay.

You could even hail a paraw on the beach to take you from Station 1 to Station 3 instead of the tricycle.  Go to Red Pirates Pub in Angol for details on their fun paraw and picnic trips.

Paraw Sailing Boracay
Paraw Sailing Boracay


Kayaking Tours in Boracay
Kayaking Tours in Boracay

Kayak to your favorite beach, even as far as Puka Beach. Let your core work as you paddle your way through the sun-kissed sky and amazing see breeze. Rent a tandem kayak at any kayak rental place along the beach and paddle with your partner for a faster cruise.

Mountain Biking

Tour the remaining unbridled paths and hidden gems in Boracay on a mountain bike.

Mountain Biking till sunset
Mountain Biking till sunset

Cycle along the main road to the hilly and rugged tracks of Yapak, passing by Shangri-La Resort, down to Puka Beach.

Make your way back to the main road and take the road to the left, which leads to Mount Luho and make a down slope to the kite surfing action in Bolabog Beach.

You could go to many trails, even as far as to the Mainland, where more challenging paths and verdant hideaways are waiting to be discovered.


Trekking to Mt Luho
Trekking to Mt Luho

Put on your comfy shoes or slippers and go around the island on foot. Let your eyes welcome the change and the beauty found in every nook and cranny of the island. The best things in life remain free anyway.

Seize the beauty of Boracay’s nature and help make it last!

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