Culinary Arts and Pastry for Professionals

(Manila, Philippines) DHMC’s Professional Advancement Centre offers Culinary Arts for Professionals and Pastry for Professionals in two levels–Fundamental and Advanced.

Dusit Hospitality Management College Advancement Programmes
Dusit Hospitality Management College Advancement Programmes

The Fundamental level of the Culinary Arts for Professionals course introduces to students the basic techniques of culinary arts and pastry production and provides essential skills to prepare authentic French, the Mediterranean and Thai cuisine, as well as catering and buffet production. On the other hand, the Advanced level further develops students’ skills enabling them to progress into senior positions in the kitchen.

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Pastry and Bakery for Professionals
Pastry and Bakery for Professionals

Meanwhile, the Fundamental level of the Pastry and Bakery for Professionals programme serves as an introduction to the basic principles and techniques of French pastry and bakery production. This course develops students’ skills in preparing classic doughs and creams, ice-creams, sherbets, mousses and entremets to be applied on a vast range of classical French patisserie. The Advanced level of this course builds on the developed skills in the fundamental course, equipping them with skills required by senior positions in the Pasty kitchen. Preparation and presentation of pastry doughs, mixes, batters, chocolate confections, decorations and sculptures, mignardise and entremets will be mastered here.

Beverage Management
Beverage Management

Beverage Management

DHMC also offers Beverage Management, which is divided into four programmes – Sommelier 1, Sommelier 2,  Barista 1, and Barista 2.

Sommelier 1 is a hands-on programme that introduces students into the world of wine through the spectrum of senses, and how to serve these with food to a professional standard. This will specifically train students to identify and describe the main characteristics and variety of wines by understanding grape varieties, origins, and specific winemaking procedures and classifications for all the major wines of the world. Sommelier 2, on the other hand, further sharpens the fundamentals on the previous course, and aims to improve student’s confidence and ability to properly describe, discuss, recommend and serve the perfect wines to pair with food offerings.

Barista 1, is an introductory course that provides aspiring baristas with the necessary skills and knowledge to produce and garnish a wide range of coffee products to a professional standard, and as well as to properly maintain related equipment such as coffee machines, grinders and other equipment for optimal function.

Barista 2, on the other hand, introduces intermediate-level knowledge of the varieties of coffee beans, and their corresponding origins. Greater emphasis is put on roasting, blending, and grinding operations to maximize its appeal to all senses. Additionally, coffee shop planning, design, and commercial aspects of operations are taught to prepare them for coffee-related business ventures in the future.

Restaurant Management - Dusit Hospitality Management College
Restaurant Management – Dusit Hospitality Management College

Restaurant Management

Advancement Course in Restaurant Management is focused on helping aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to move into the restaurant industry. It endows students with the fundamental competencies in operating a business–marketing, accounting, human resources, sustainable development, information technology, legal aspects, and food and beverage management with subjects pertaining to the variety of restaurant businesses.

Hospitality Management for Career Switchers

Hospitality Management for Career Switchers enables professionals to embark on new careers in the hospitality industry. Over an eight-month period, the courses provide students with general business knowledge, competencies, and proper disposition towards hospitality management roles. A final project in collaboration with Dusit’s industry partners will serve as a test for students to sharpen their knowledge and competencies in actual product creation by introducing solutions to real industrial problems.

Dusit Hospitality Management College
Dusit Hospitality Management College

Those who wish to take their hospitality aspirations further are encouraged to pursue Food and Beverage Operations Management or Rooms Division Management as well. Food and Beverage Operations Management Course is a specialization program which prepares future F&B Professionals and managers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to excel in any operation in hospitality sectors such as restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars, clubs, events and catering. From mastering the art of table setting, to the application of business tools and technologies, students will learn how to ultimately lead their teams and drive their success. Rooms Division Management Course, on the other hand, trains professionals for lodging operations, which is essential to any top hotel’s profitability.

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