Dry Pod by Go Travel

I’ve gotta tell you that when I go out for an island hopping or even when Im going to an outdoor trip, I tend to leave my iPod at home so that I don’t ruin it by getting it wet. Even with a regular cover or a plastic lined case, I have still always felt like my iPod was exposed to too much danger. But, that was before I got the Dry Pod by Go Travel.

Go Travel Dry Pod
Go Travel Dry Pod

With this handy little dealio with a funky fresh style and more than a little bit of protection, I can take my tunes with me just about anywhere I want to go.

The waterproof container is good down to depths of three meters, so actually, I can even take it snorkeling with me! Never mind about the rain. The great thing about the Dry Pod is that it makes sure that my iPod stays safe and dry and just in case I want to have it close to me, it comes with an adjustable neck strap too. There are so many important things that you need to secure when you travel, just like visitor insurance USA, you also have to secure your things to avoid damages to your gadgets.

rox Waterproof Case
Waterproof Case

With a suggested retail price of just 650 php, that’s a bargain since it is 100% waterproof and a reasonable 13 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm so that it holds not only your iPod but also your wallet, keys, cash, and more. If you are worried, now you can even surf with the thing on…of course, that doesn’t mean you can listen to the music while you surf…yet.

So, next time it’s raining, I’ll just bring my iPod with me and when the sun comes out, I’ll take it out of the case and enjoy the music.

This product is available in ROX and Travel Club

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