RFID Blocking Deluxe Boarding Pouch by Travelon

Imagine this. You go on a trip, you secure all of your accounts and identity documents, and yet, when you get home, your identity has been stolen, your bank account is empty, and someone has destroyed your financial life. How did it happen?

travel pouch
RFID Blocking Deluxe Boarding Pouch

The truth is that the recent security measures that have been attached to passports have made it easier than ever for an identity thief to steal your information.

Did you know that if you are travelling with a US passport issued after October of 2006 that you actually are carrying a piece of sensitive electronics? Not only that, but if you aren’t careful, your passport information can be read by electronic snooping readers and your private information can be collected and used to steal your identity.

Multi-purpose travel pouch
Multi-purpose travel pouch

It’s for this reason that the the RFID blocking deluxe boarding pouch is such an important piece of equipment for the modern traveller. This simple black wallet will hold your boarding pass, passport, and ID plus has a hidden zipper pouch in the back side. Measuring just 7.5 “ by 4.5′ and just .125” thick, this pouch blocks the RFID and prevents those who are unauthorized from accessing your information.

You might think this is paranoia, but the readers can easily be bought online and the info that can be harvested is far more than you want in the hands of identity thieves. This makes the Travelon Deluxe Boarding Pass an essential piece of equipment.

In today’s world, you can never be too careful.

This product is available in ROX and Travel Club

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