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Dried Mangoes: Favorite Pasalubong from Cebu

7D Dried Mangoes photo via FB Page

Best Cebu Dried Mangoes

Cebu is filled with delicious foods, but the one I love best is the dried mangoes. There isn’t much more satisfying than munching on some sweet and delicious mangos that have been dried in the perfect Cebu weather and carefully packed to maintain freshness. It’s hard to say why the mangoes from Cebu are so special, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the perfect weather and the craftsmanship of the Cebuanos. It just comes out in the flavor, and that’s probably why my favorite pasalubong from Cebu is certainly the dried mangoes.

Cebu's 7D Dried Mangoes
Cebu’s 7D Dried Mangoes

There are quite a few brands available, but I prefer to find the local kind in the market that is just waiting for me. Visitors like to pick up many of the different brands and take them back home to friends and family. It’s like bringing a taste of Cebu with you anywhere you go. In fact, even though the far-off Hawaiian Islands have great mangoes of their own, it’s easy to find dried mangoes and mango juice from Cebu there, which says something about how good these are.

I’ve heard many tourists talking about Cebu’s mangoes, and I can’t blame them. I like them enough that I’m writing all of this about them. While all mangoes are good, only those that grow here are the best for dried mango production.

7D Dried Mangoes photo via FB Page
7D Dried Mangoes photo via FB Page

In many places in the world, the mango is considered to be a sacred tree and fruit. When you enjoy the pasalubong from Cebu, you will understand why. The taste is more than just good; it’s like a gift from high above. Mangos are not only gold in color but also in quality.

Another thing that makes the Cebu mango pasalubong special is that they are cheap. You can buy them for less than 85PHP usually and at most 105php per pack. That’s a lot of love and deliciousness for not much money.

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