Philippine Department of Tourism to launch ‘Pilipinas, Tara Na’ Tourism campaign

If you love Filipino singer Charice and are a fan of boxing, then you might be interested to know about a new campaign by the Philippine government that is featuring both Charice and the Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao. The campaign is hoping to get more Filipinos to travel around our beautiful homeland.

Philippine Travel and Tour Expo
Philippine Travel and Tour Expo

Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim told attendees at the 18th Philippine Travel Tour Expo 2011 that the revived campaign “Pilipinas, Tara Na” is going to bring new life to the “Tara, Biyahe Tayo” by summertime. It’s not only the aforementioned Filipino sensations that will appear or take part in the initiative but other singers will also take place in videos and television commercials.

Pilipinas Tara Na
Pilipinas Tara Na

Twenty five million Filipinos made local trips last year and this year that number as well as the number of foreign visitors is expected to rise significantly. The private sector is taking part too along with the Aquino government. The public-private partnership is a significant step in the right direction, critics say, from the much criticized campaign last year which some Filipinos felt was lacking in both energy and creativity. This year, with the help of celebrities and a focus on some of the less developed sectors of the Filipino travel market, things are expected to really pick up.

Up to 3.7 million visitors are expected this year in the Philippines and with great festivals and incredibly scenic destinations throughout the islands, development of tourist infrastructure is moving forward at a gallop pace. So far, it is looking like this year will surpass all others in terms of foreign visits and enhancing thetravel experience of home grown tourists too.

The specific areas the government plans to highlight are Bicol, the Visayas, Palawan, Boracay, and Bohol. This year they are also looking to increase tourism to Northern Mindanao too in hopes of boosting borth foreign and local visitors to this region. (Source : GMA News)
  1. cheap flights singapore says

    I think that this news is quite significant as we really need to increase the amount of tourism locally as well as internationally that we bring into our country.

    A lot of incidents are happening to our country that foreign tourism is at a low, but the Philippines is so full of paradise destinations that we need to appreciate and uplift our own.

    I am sure that more and more people foreign and local will greatly appreciate what the Philippines has to offer.

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