Aliwan Fiesta 2011 Schedule of Activities

Coming up in April is a big treat for those who love a great street dancing showdown. From the 14th to the 16th of April, 2011 the Aliwan Festival will be happening in Manila Philippines and drawing tens of thousands of spectator, photographers and participants for all the festivities and happenings.

Dinagyang Festival Street Dancers
Dinagyang Festival Street Dancers

The Aliwan Festival 2011 will kick off with a massive parade which will wind down Roxas Boulevard and go past the very impressive Quirino Grandstand on the way to the place where all the magic is going to be exposed in front of the Aliw Theater and the Complex CCP where the judges and spectators will see just how grand the Grand Parade really is!

Aliwan Contingents from Mindanao
Aliwan Contingents from Mindanao

Filipinos love festivals and in the modern world where tourism is such an important part of the economies of nations, there is no better way to draw tourists, visitors, and get great press than to have amazing events that highlight the beauty, products, craftsmanship, and heritage of the many cultures that identify themselves as Filipinos.

Reyna ng Aliwan Pageant 2011
Reyna ng Aliwan Pageant 2011

Not only that but by drawing visitors from the local market as well as abroad, parades and festivals such as the Aliwan festival improve the travel market and help new businesses to start and flourish. A prime example is the Aliwan Festival where the designers of the massive floats pull out all the stops in creating artistic and beautiful masterpieces that highlight the textile, mechanical, artisanal, and creative impulses of the entire Philippine culture. The regional variations and signature designs are especially delightful for culture vultures that love to take great photos.

Much like the famous tributes to dreamweavers at the T’nalak Festival that takes place in South Cotabato, the Aliwan Festival brings the culture and beauty of the Philippines to the forefront of everyone’s thoughts and minds. That’s probably why you should mark April 14-16 on your calendar right now and make plans to be at this awe inspiring event.
  1. Jean18 says

    Assets of the Best Festivals in Philippines
    1. Dinagyang Festival – Energetic Dance and lively music with dancing costumes.
    2. Buyogan Festival – Fast Beat Dance with well organized and lively Props, Costumes and amazing stunts.
    3. Alikaraw Festival – colorful cosumes, perfect when it comes to “umbrella” and “nigo”.
    4. Sinulog(Basakanon Version) – famous for its ideal dance formations and interpretative drama in the praising part of sto. nino.
    5. Himagulaw of Placer – attractive costumes and famous of it’s well choreographed backdraft movements and formations with surprising props.
    6. Sinulog(Carmen Version)- respected specially when it comes to a strong one voice chanting and power in dancing.

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