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Paraw Sailing in Boracay

If you are looking for a great place to just laze around, Boracay Island should be on your list. Boracay is 7km long and 1km wide at its narrowest point but even if this is just a relatively small island, theres so much things to do in the island that is once considered as the “World Best Beach Destination“.

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Taj Guesthouse

Boracay’s two primary tourism beaches, White Beach and Bulabog Beach, are located on opposite sides of the island’s narrow central area. White Beach faces westward and Bulabog Beach faces eastward. The island also has several other beaches. Its largest villages or barangays are Manoc-Manoc,Balabag and Yapak. Be warned though, your map of the island may not serve you so well as they only serve as a general guide, the villages is mostly connected by a confusing network of paths.

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Who said Boracay is expensive?

If you are on a budget though, there are so many Boracay cheap hostel accommodations available where you can stay. A number of accommodation types are scattered all over the island, ranging from luxurious hotel types to budget, spartan rooms. Along White Beach, location is often specified in relation to three boat stations, though the stations are no longer in operation. Station 2 is roughly in the center of the beach, with Stations 1 and 3 respectively roughly midway to the north and south endpoints.

The Station 3 area is where most of the cheaper lodgings are located, while Station 2 is meant for those who want to be within proximity of the bars. Station 1, meanwhile, is where you can find the more isolated accommodations, offering peace and quiet to those looking for a respite from the usual action-packed Boracay night scene. These are usually for the more upscale vacationers.

Taj Guesthouse Boracay 6
Available rooms are easy to find:)

I would like to recommended some of the hotels in Boracay where I previously stayed including those that I have inspected during my previous visit in the island. Tans Guesthouse is pretty straightforward, this is where i stayed last year when my preferred resort nearby was already fully booked. I had a comfortable room with a double bed, closet and clothes rack, and a TV and refrigerator at the corner of the room. I found the toilet and bathroom to be very roomy for a hostel not to mention its cleanliness. Whats more surprising is they even have Wi-Fi on the 4th floor but I was able to get connected even if I’m on the 3rd floor.

Taj Guesthouse is located few steps from the front of the famous white beach. It is a boutique style guesthouse very close to D’mall which is where you want to be if you want to eat, party or shop. Currently the resort consists of 4 rooms, all of which have air conditioning, cable television private bath and a mini refrigerator. Just to give you an update, they are currently constructing two additional rooms and it should be available for occupancy this summer of 2010:)

Also located near D’mall and right on Station 2 is Ericko’s House. I found their room very clean though a bit small for two people. The hotel is hidden behind some shops and can be accessed only through an alley way, though it is very safe since theres a roving security guard who takes care of the place. Try and stay on a lower floor as I found the stairs going to the high floors to be very steep and could be problematic if you have a lot of luggage.

Two other budget friendly hotels to consider on Boracay are Jerome’s Bungalow and Namaste.

Boracay Sunset
Boracay Beachfront Hostels

Jerome’s Bungalow is pretty much just a joint to sleep and shower in. You’ll probably want to spend most of your time at the beach or in town anyways. I just rented a room with a fan though air conditioning is available if you want for an additional fee. It is not beach front but the location is great. It is located also in Station 2 right in the middle of the action. Right after the alley, a street food vendor sells “Chori Burger” – a burger bun filled with local sweet sausage with sweet & spicy sauce. The room is spacious enough but nothing fancy. There is a refrigerator and a television in most rooms.

Namaste is cozy and comfortable as well. Its rooms are Japanese themed and the attendants there are very friendly and helpful.

Namaste Guesthouse
Phone Number . 036 288 5898

Taj Guesthouse
Balabag, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan, Philippines
Mobile Number. (0920) 919-6509
Tel. No. (036) 288-4628
FAX (036) 288-5695
Email :
Website :

Jerome’s Bungalow
Phone No. (036) 288-3270

Tans Guesthouse
Ms. Net Sacapano
Telefax : (036) 288-6878
Mobile Phone : 0920 920 2481,
EMail :
Website :

If you know an affordable hostel in Boracay that deserves to be listed here.. Please leave a comment so we ca add it:)


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