Casa Roca Inn: More than just a local’s hangout

Casa Roca Inn's lovely edifice

Casa Roca Inn: More than just a local’s hangout

On an afternoon during our holiday in Camiguin, I ventured with my daughter to the island’s northwestern coast in the scenic town of Naasag where Casa Roca Inn is.

A couple perfectly chillin' with white wine and utmost serenity
A couple perfectly chillin’ with white wine and utmost serenity

Being a favorite hangout place of locals, as told to me by Capt. Sean Clarke of Camiguin Aviation, was already a good reason to go there. It was all I cared to know at that time, and I did not even browse online to check the look of the place.

Casa Roca Inn's romantic bedroom
Casa Roca Inn’s romantic bedroom

So, when I arrived on a motorela to Casa Roca, with my sleeping daughter in my arms, I felt so fulfilled by the wonderful surprise that I allowed myself to submit to.

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Casa Roca, was in fact a garden of paradise sitting on a hill where the sea, the sky, the White Island and the sunset come together as a precious gift revealed to its beholder, as to everyone who goes there.

Luna takes her sweet afternoon nap with the sunset
Luna takes her sweet afternoon nap with the sunset

To keep my daughter snug, I laid her on a cozy sofa, which turned out to be the most coveted spot at Casa Roca because of the tantalizing view of the deep blue Bohol Sea and the panoramic sunset that directly unfold in front of it.

The Lookout
The Lookout

I then walked around the inn’s homely surrounding, eyeing the verdant grounds sloping nicely along the cliffs , the country style edifice, the flourishingly rustic garden with towering trees on the other side, the big native tent at the edge of the cliff, aptly known as the “lookout”, the romantic seashore, and the charming ladies working within.

Illuminated balls at Casa Roca Inn's road entrance
Illuminated balls at Casa Roca Inn’s road entrance

Those charming ladies, on the other hand, exchanged a few laughs and a friendly banter with a big Caucasian man, who happened to be Jim, the owner of the place.

Casa Roca Inn's lovely edifice
Casa Roca Inn’s lovely edifice

As Luna continued to sleep peacefully on the sofa, I took the chance to chat with Jim and get to know a bit more about Casa Roca Inn and Camiguin.

Camiguin Love

While Jim and I replenished our senses with the scenic seascape and a pitcher of Fruity Iced Tea, we both agreed that such natural blessings deserved constant gratitude and appreciation.

Stunning sunsets everyday
Stunning sunsets everyday

Jim does give gratitude to the beauty of Camiguin at every given angle, all the time.

Having made Camiguin his home a long time ago when it was still lush and remotely unheard of, he has a vivid image of the island’s gradual progress, to where the island is now, considering the subtle sacrifices made on the island’s dense natural ecosystem to meet a certain touristic goal.

Vegie Spring Rolls by sunset
Vegie Spring Rolls by sunset

Yet, together with his wife, Evelyn, they share their blessings by nurturing everyone who comes and works in his inn with absolute goodness. They bestow work to the locals and supports them on their needs; they guarantee their guests with locally sourced homemade delicious cooking; they provide peaceful accommodations for guests; they inspire people to love and take care of Camiguin by imparting genuine knowledge of the island; and they ensure good vibes around.

And as Jim and Evelyn’s frequent visitors would have it, just throw in some pasta, grilled meat and ice-cold beer, and Casa Roca becomes heaven on paradise in Camiguin.

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