CAAP approves use of Mobile Phones and Laptops during flights

Texting, Internet Browsing and Blogging while on board? Can!!!

According to, The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has approved the conditional use of laptops, mobile phones and other mobile devices during flights.

CAAP approves use of Mobile Phones and Laptops during flights
CAAP approves use of Mobile Phones and Laptops during flights

Under the memorandum circular 52-13 released by CAAP last Tuesday, CAAP approved conditional use of transmitting portable electronic devices (TPED), music players, and global system for mobile communication on-board aircraft (GSMOBA) on all commercial aircrafts operating within or en-route over the territorial jurisdiction of the Philippines.

CAAP believes that the use of mobile phones does not impair the safety of flights and with this reason, they are removing the restriction on the use of mobile phones while on board. Passengers will be allowed to use laptops, internet or text / short-message-service (SMS) or voice communications, and other broadband services while on board an aircraft but under certain conditions.

The memorandum states that passengers may use laptops, mobiles phones, internet or short-message-service (SMS) or voice communications when the aircraft doors are still open, unless the Pilot-In-Command and/or Senior Cabin Crew would specifically announce on the public address system (PAS) its prohibition.

During the aircrafts re-fueling, these devices must be turned off and when the aircraft doors are closed, all mobile devices including games on electronic devices must be on silent mode and used only for short-message-service (SMS) or internet.

Phone Calls are not allowed when the aircraft doors are closed except the use of GSMOBA as long as its use does not interfere with the orderly conduct of flight. The use of MP3 players will only be allowed with earphones and not with handy speakers to avoid disturbance to other passengers.

Although this memorandum has been officially released by CAAP, Airlines will still have the final say on whether gadgets and mobile phones will be allowed on flights.

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