Boracay has recieved yet more honors from the prestigious awards. Both Boracay and the Philippines were listed as among the top destinations for traveling Russians for 2010. With a list of seventy categories, the awards were conducted by the travel portal among Russians who had visited both destinations abroad and at home. The online poll ended up giving three of the awards, which are considered to be the first consumer awards of their kind done within the former USSR country.

Russians loves Boracay
Russians loves Boracay

The purpose of the awards is to give recognition to the top players in the travel industry including resorts, destinations, agents, airlines, and was participated in by thousands of Russians who traveled around the world during 2010.

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All year round Summer in Boracay
All year round Summer in Boracay

The Philippines was awarded ‘Top Discovery of the Year’ which may sound strange since people discovered the Philippines tens of thousands of years ago (LOL), but in fact reflects the sharp increase in Russian travelers who are venturing abroad and enjoying business, travel, and leisure time.

Boracay - Best Beach in the World
Boracay – Best Beach in the World

Boracay was the favorite in the ‘Southeast Asia’ and ‘Island Resort’ categories. The point of the awards is to help Russian travelers to pick destinations based on real reports provided by those who have visited the areas, utilized the services, or been to the resorts. The lesson is easy, when people return home from vacation they remember the good service and the bad as well, so in the tourism sector, making sure the customers are happy ensures that there will be more business in the future.

The results hold up against statistics provided by the Philippines Department of Tourism which show that the number of Russian visitors to visit Boracay each year has been growing steadily. Back in 2008, there were just 3041 but in 2010 the number of visiting Russians nearly doubled at 5,239. That’s what the hospitality and beauty of the Philippines does.




  1. YEAH! Boracay is indeed a beautiful paradise island. ü
    a very wonderful place to relax, unwind, and party at night.. 🙂

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