Best Pinoy Street Food of 2014: The Race for Own SM Food Stall Continues

There is no doubt that Filipinos have a penchant for street foods and is the same reason why some people like to cook street foods. Although there are varying reasons of why this is so, it is the overall satisfaction felt after seeing long lines of hungry customers wanting to have a taste of your cooking that makes the most impact as a reason to. Street food cooking vary from being a turo-turo (from carinderias), to tusok-tusok (from street hawkers), or to ihaw-ihaw (grilling) that Pinoys love and enjoy.

Angeleen de Castro from Makati
Angeleen de Castro from Makati


While we do have barbeques in the country as is elsewhere in the world, what we do have they do not are grilled foods bearing Pinoy-made names such as isaw (grilled chicken intestine), betamax (grilled curd pigs blood), helmet (grilled chicken head), and many others – names of which bear humor in them which may invoke giggle or laughter for those who heard them first-time, even by locals. These are street foods whose main customers are the masses to begin with, but even that of which higher classes can enjoy.

If you are foreign to the country yet wanting to try something familiar to your palate, you can opt for eggs which can be paired with either ham, bacon, or hotdogs. Better yet, pair it with local favorites such as tocino and tapa which are some of the best you will find on any street.



Finding the Best of Street Foods

To give tribute to these people behind these street food “masterpieces” with its attained popularity through immeasurable creativity, a competition is to be held beefing up the stakes with a reward every cook of the street can only dream of. In search of the Best Pinoy Street Food for 2014, an event conducted by SM Hypermarket, along with the great Chef Boy Logro, cooks will present their own version of a street food cooking worth being the best among each other’s cooking. The winner of the said event will not just have an opportunity to meet and learn from the kusina master himself but will also get to bag home a chance to own an SM Hypermarket food stall which the winner can use for a year, rent-free.

From the event conducted so far, SM has found the best street food dishes in bowls of lugaw (rice porridge) and tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork) in addition to the best street pastas. As of recent, however, the search went on to find the best of inihaw (grilled) and silog (fried rice with egg). Known as great food innovators Pinoys are, what SM found with the event was something beyond expectations.

Barbeque Carbonara, anyone?



Who would have thought that carbonara, a pasta prepared similarly like spaghetti would contain an ingredient that is barbeque? In fact, Jhora P. Ang, owner of Jowardees Food and Catering Services, knew this and did. As a result, her entry made her the winner of SM Hypermarket Mandaluyong. Her recipe which combines the smooth creamy texture of the white pasta complemented by the bittersweet goodness of barbeque, and as noted for its simplicity, ease of preparation, and ingeniousness left her judges in awe. This does not come as a surprise for Jhora P. Ang to bag the prize as the winner from Mandaluyong.

Rock and Roll with the Silog


Pork Tapa Hot Silog from Baliwag
Pork Tapa Hot Silog from Baliwag

An ideal breakfast meal for some for its long energy-giving rice fried with eggs in place of common breakfast such as coffee and bread, silog, a portmanteau of “sinangag” (fried rice) and “itlog” (egg) or simply fried rice with egg, is a simple yet effective to meal to start any Filipino’s day. Although there are already many variations to this recipe, the main ingredients that are garlic, rice, and egg remains. Knowing this, the winner of SM Hypermarket Muntinlupa, Mark Steven Loresca, who owns a humble catering service in the city, made a winning entry using “silog” as the base idea. His recipe: chunks of burger patties wrapped by a mix of rice and egg he called “patsilog” which would otherwise be mistaken as a burritos, a Mexican recipe.

Competing for the Grand Prize

Jhora P. Ang and Mark Steven Loresca are but two only of the 30 successful candidate who made it into the competition to compete for the grand prize of the free one year free-of-rent usage of the SM Hypermarket food stall in line with meeting and learning from the master chef, Boy Logro. In this round, they will compete using ingredients coming from Knorr, Del Monte, Nestle, CDO, Bounty Fresh, and Purefoods and whose winner will be recognized as the Best Pinoy Street Food of 2014. The elimination round is still ongoing.

Following this, SM is in search for the best adobo at SM Hypermarket Pampanga, Cainta, Pasig, FTI, and Sucat on October 29. To be succeeded on October 30, SM will search for the best pancit / pasta / bihon at SM Hypermarket Clark, Taytay, Mall of Asia, North EDSA, and Sucat Lopez.

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