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Best Melbourne Tour Guide Apps for Smartphones & Tablets

Melbourne is Australia’s cultural center and from art to food the city beckons thousands of travelers every year. There are many Melbourne travel apps that can help travelers to book hotels, find restaurants, hire cabs, get tourist guides and many more. Below are top 10 Melbourne Tour Guide Apps to help you travel safe and travel smooth in Melbourne.

Melbourne Tour Guide Apps
Melbourne Official Visitors Guide App

Best Melbourne Tour Guide Apps for Smartphones & Tablets

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Melbourne Official Visitors Guide App
Melbourne Official Visitors Guide App

Melbourne Official Visitors Guide (link)

This app is developed by Destination Melbourne, which offers personal tour guiding with essential information on Melbourne. The app serves a distinctive guide where to go and what to do. The app also gives info on special events in the city, annual festivals etc.

Broadsheet App
Broadsheet App

Broadsheet App (link)

Broadsheet magazine, available both in online and offline, comes up with this amazing app. The app gives independent review of famous shops, bars, cafes and restaurant. Broadsheet gives more than 500 listings, allowing users to choose their shops by location, price or feature.

Play Melbourne App
Play Melbourne

Play Melbourne App (link)

Play Melbourne is a gaming app to find restaurants, stores, galleries and many more such outlets. The interactive interface gives you options based on your locations, so you can select your preference. You can also scroll through its extensive directory to see your options.

Wine Regions of Victoria
Wine Regions of Victoria

Wine Region of Victoria (link)

If you are a wine aficionado and want to taste the best of Victoria region wine, this app will guide to some exclusive regions. The app acts as a guide booklet with more than 22 wine regions and information on more than 200 wineries.

The Age Good Food Guide – 2013 (link)

The Age Good Food Guide is one of the best food guides in the world, published annually now comes with an amazing app. The app gives a comprehensive view of best in wine and dine from Melbourne city, which you can either choose from directories or search.

MyMarkets Vic App
MyMarkets Vic App

MyMarkets Vic (link)

The first app, which is dedicated to Melbourne markets, from small to big market hubs, this app gives a comprehensive detail about city’s markets including discern farmer markets, craft markets and everything. The app gives information about timings, contact information, locations and even gives an opportunity to interact with other people.

Vic Heritage App
Vic Heritage App

Vic Heritage (link)

If you are interested in history of Melbourne, this app is perfect for you. Vic Heritage gives simple access to Victorian Heritage Database, consisting of audio guides and information of architecture and culture. It shows you the experiences of others and also users to record their own experiences. You can also create your imaginary tour and share it with other history buffs.

ArtsView (link)

If you are an art buffs, this go-to-guide Melbourne art tour guide gives you comprehensive detailing about upcoming exhibitions and art of all kind. You can view the profiles of various artists and surf through directories of galleries with all relevant information.

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TramTRACKER (link)

Tram is the best mode to explore the city. This lazy mode of transport makes the experience of traveling more fulfilling. The app TramTRACKER is available for all Apple devices and Android phones, giving you timetable information, a stop locator and details about the tram network in Melbourne.

Our City (link)

Our City was released by The National Trust on Melbourne 178th app provides info on social history of the city, about the culture and special places of walking tour. You can also leave a note about a particular place.

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