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Barcelona is one of the world’s favourite cities to escape to, and for good reason: its gothic architecture, stunning urban beaches, unique architecture, delectable Catalonian cuisine, and laid-back lifestyle could easily capture anyone’s heart. Finding the city’s sights is easy – they exist in every direction – which makes a trip to Barcelona a photographer’s dream. Have you seen a book with good collection of Barcelona Pictures?

barcelona pictures
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Capturing Gaudi

There has never been another architect like Antoni Gaudí. To see La Sagrada Familia for the first time is like opening your eyes to some enchanted dream. The proportions of Gaudí’s not-yet-complete basilica are utterly surreal and its scale monolithic. The style doesn’t fit any single genre and can only be described as part gothic, part modern, and part art nouveau. The basilica is worth photographing from each side as each shows off a different style. Finally, if you’ve got time for the queue, take the lift up one of the spires and capture a view from the top.

(Small) Food Photography

Food photography is something we all seem to love whether we’ll admit it or not. Capturing your meals while on holiday is not only a way to remember all those great restaurants but it can also be a source of culinary inspiration for when you return home. When in Barcelona, it’s hard to miss the tapas bars. Traditional tapas are usually quite simple but elegantly arranged on small plates making them the perfect subject matter for a foodie. Turn the flash off to avoid getting too much reflection on your food and to avoid disturbing other diners.

Gothic Angle

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, or Barri Gotic, is considered to be one the city’s best attractions. From La Rambla all the way to Via Laietana, you’ll find winding narrow cobblestone streets, barely wide enough for a car; soaring buildings with shops and cafes on the ground level and private residences above. Every so often, the streets open up into a modestly sized square that will allow you to step back and capture a wider view. For the most part, you will want to angle your camera upwards, carefully balancing the exposure so as not to make the buildings too dark and the sky too light. A fish eye lens pointed up can also produce interesting effects on one of the L-shaped streets.

Barceloneta Beach
Barceloneta Beach

Life’s a Beach

It really doesn’t matter what time of year you visit Barcelona, it’s sure to always be full of life. Its numerous plazas and the famous Barceloneta Beach are some of the best places to capture the lively, yet carefree ambiance of the city. Pick a sunny day to visit the city’s most popular urban beach and walk to the southern end to get views of the city skyline against the beach or point the camera south and capture a shot of the sail-shaped W Hotel that juts out towards the water. The Plaça Reial is one of the best city squares to be for street photography at any time of day. In the evening you’ll find people spilling out of some of Barcelona’s best nightclubs and during the day, locals and tourists alike linger in the loveliest of cafes. A wide-angle lens used there will allow you to capture the most action.

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