United Kingdom vs Portugal : Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2011

Photos courtesy of : Chyng Reyes

The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2011 is on fire and the competition is exploding with amazing performances and awesome displays of some of the best pyrotechnical expertise on the planet along with absolutely astounding musical choreography which goes with the blooming night sky and the massive oohs and aahs of the crowd gathered in Mall of Asia last Saturday Feb 19, 2011.

Philippine Pyromusical Competition UK vs Portugal
Philippine Pyromusical Competition UK vs Portugal

Case in point? The freaking incredible match between the Brits of the United Kingdom in all of their fire breathing dragon glory versus the delicate and fierce displays put on by the Portuguese. For many, it’s hard to think about the fact that at one point, tiny little Portugal was a contender to dominate the world even though the not so large islands of Great Britain are easily remembered as the Empire where the sun never set.

Portugal's Macedo’s Pirotecnia, LDA
Portugal’s Macedo’s Pirotecnia, LDA

While neither Britain nor Portugal today have the extensive colonies they once controlled, the legacies of these two Western European nations are found around the world on all of the continents. Now that we’ve got the micro-history lesson out of the way, we can talk about the pyrotechnical expertise that was exhibited on the 19th of February at the Philippine International Pyrotechnical Competition.

Portugal really brought the level of excitement up a notch with Eye of the Tiger and a stunning choreography of fire to go with it, but the Brits were not to be outdone. After all, the British are the defending champions and they couldn’t go down without a heck of a fight.

UK's Jubilee Fireworks
UK’s Jubilee Fireworks

The display from the UK was like something from a ‘Once upon a time…’ story and then it just caught on fire. It was definitely more easily identified with the Brits than Eye of the Tiger would be with Portugal, but then, maybe bringing Rocky into the arena when you are fighting the champ isn’t such a bad idea.

If you are interested in the next upcoming shows, here’s the schedule :

February 26, 2011
7 PM Liuyang Jinsheng Fireworks, Co. (China)
8 PM Lacroix-Ruggieri (France)

March 5, 2011
7 PM Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks, Co. (Japan)
8 PM Apogee Fireworks (Canada)

March 12, 2011
7 PM Fireworx (Australia)
8 PM Platinum Fireworks (Philippines)

Who was the winner? It’s hard to say, the music was moving and the crowd was obviously wowed by both displays. It will remain to see the end of the competition to see who wowed the judges the most. Don’t miss the next great step on February 26th when China and France go head to head to see whether the dragon or the guillotine will emerge victorious.

  1. chyng says

    woot! may name pala ang each fireworks display! ^_^

  2. melo says

    @Chyng – name po yun nang fireworks company ng UK at Portugal:)

  3. cheap flights singapore says

    it is really fascinating that the Philippines was a chosen venue for such international event. Looking forward to the 26th event match up.

  4. thepinaysolobackpacker says

    kala ko tlga this weekend ang UK kaya this weekend ako pupunta uli. sayang!

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