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Adventure in Paradise Ranch, Food @ Maranao Grill and Shopping in Pampanga : Lakbay Norte Day 7


It took me over a month to finish this final Lakbay Norte post… Its not because I need to verify some details but because I just don’t want to create an emotional post:(. I’ve been with these beautiful and talented people for a week and to tell you honestly soon after the trip ended, I’ve been expecting to see them each time I wake up. Oh I forgot to tell you that I missed the early morning call time already:) Lakbay Norte People!!! Amishu:)

Breakfast @ Mequeni's Holiday Inn Clar Field Pampanga
Breakfast @ Mequeni’s Holiday Inn Clar Field Pampanga

Day 7 : Almost everyone woke up early even though the wake up time is @ 8:30am. I guess we want to maximize our last day together. Whats for breakfast? A Buffet Breakfast hosted by Mequeni’s – an in-house restaurant in Holiday Inn Resort in Clark Field Pampanga.

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El Kabayo Calesa
El Kabayo Calesa

Adventure began soon after we boarded the tourist Jeepney and brought us to EL Kabayo Ranch. Everyone had to do horseback riding but unfortunately, some of us cant due to personal reasons and also the availability of the horses.

Peacock at Paradise Ranch
Peacock at Paradise Ranch

For the rest of us who decided not to do the horseback riding, we headed directly to Paradise Ranch Nature and Conservation Park to tour around the park and waited for the rest of the participants. Paradise Ranch in Clark is a 100-acre nature and conservation park designed to educate hundreds of school children about environmental preservation and wildlife protection.

Playing with the Ostrich
Playing with the Ostrich

The Ranch is open to public without any membership fee. Inside the ranch they have a man-made lake, a 1000 square meter butterfly garden, aviary, breeding of endangered species, organic vegetable and floral orchard, massive reforestation, environmental conservation and others…

Lakbay Norte Victory Liner Bus aka The Freezer
Lakbay Norte Victory Liner Bus aka The Freezer

Our next stop was at Maranao Grill in Oasis Hotel for lunch. Maranao Grill is known for their weekly dinner buffet specials – Roast Beef, Roast Lamb, Sushi and Tempura. They also serve daily breakfast buffet, and is open 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM daily.

Oasis Hotel in Pampanga
Oasis Hotel in Pampanga

Our second to the last pit stop was in Lakeshore – a luxurious lakeside community in Mexico Pampanga. Upon arrival, we saw a busy group preparing for a late afternoon wedding right beside the towering lighthouse. Our group headed to a small island surrounded by a man-made lake which is also a popular wedding reception. The Lakeshore marketing team presented the property while everyone is enjoying their special kakanin and pancit merienda.

Desserts at maranao Grill
Desserts at Maranao Grill

Our last and final stop was in Robinson’s Starmills in San Fernando Pampanga. We a had a little bit of free time so I got the change to look for a Western Union branch to claim some moolah from Google:) We also saw a Havaianas outlet offering discounted prices but they already ran out of sizes.

Island in Lakeshore
Island in Lakeshore

As of Sunday, January 31st, our Lakbay Norte road trip was officially over. For the entire trip We explored the Northern Philippines for 7 days, We were able to visit 8 provinces in 4 regions, Its more or less 1,798 kilometers of road trip and last but definitely not the least, I was lucky to have met 26 new friends.

Lakbay Norte Friends
Lakbay Norte Friends (Photo Courtesy of Frances)

Many thanks to NPVB (North Philippines Visitors Bureau) for letting us rediscover the beauty of North Philippines.

To all Lakbay Norte participants, I know someday we will meet again..:( We didn’t climb any Mountain but I guess this creed applies to any kind of eco-tourism activity and as fellow mountaineers always say  “Leave nothing but footprints”;. “Take nothing but pictures”;. “Kill nothing but time.”




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