8 Tips on How to Pack and Travel Light on Your Summer Trip

Having trouble closing your backpack or suitcase? There are ways to make everything fit, including leaving behind the extras and unnecessary items. Here is my list of tips for making sure that you get your bags as well packed as possible, so that I can quickly travel from place to place without feeling weighed down by my belongings.

Packing Cubes from Eagle Creek
Packing Cubes from Eagle Creek

8 Tips on How to Pack and Travel Light on Your Summer Trip

  1. Make a List – One problem is that you’ll be tempted to throw everything in that might be good to have with you. If you make a list, you can not only make sure you’re not taking too many shirts, but you’ll also be sure not to forget anything important like medicines, chargers and your PASSPORT.
  2. Roll Your Clothes – Want to fit everything as tightly as possible? Roll your clothes into tight rolls and compress them together in the bag.
  3. Check the Weather – If you know what it’s going to be like, you can avoid overpacking. If the forecast says it’s going to be hot, you know you can skip an extra jacket or long pants.
  4. Optimize Side Pocket Use – Find ways to use all the outer and side pockets of every suitcase or bag. Use compartments for things that fit in them in order to get the most out of the space.
  5. Leave Restricted Items at Home – If it means you have to check your back for things prohibited onboard. If you have huge containers of lotion, shampoo and other toiletries, just leave it. Buy small containers and pack them in a ziplock.
  6. Use Packing Cubes – If you want to get really serious, you can compress all the air out of your clothing with packing cubes or ziplock bags. Roll your items or fold and flatten them, then compress them with just a small opening left. Seal the bag when you’ve squished as much air out as possible.
  7. Bring Proper Shoes – Wear the biggest pair of shoes you’re bringing, but make sure to bring the lightweight footwear too for your convenience.
  8. Bring Dry Fit Clothes – Dry fit clothing is ultra-light, easy to clean, and drys fast. You can wash things and let them dry overnight, which means you don’t need to pack as much clothing.

Remember that there will be shops and you can (and probably will) buy things on your trip. So don’t overfill your bag if you don’t want to have to bring a second bag home with you. Make your essentials list, pack everything efficiently and tightly, wear as much as you reasonably can while you travel  and then leave yourself the space to bring home a couple of souvenirs.

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