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Travel Guide: 4 Jaw Dropping Places To See In Switzerland

What is the prettiest place in Switzerland?


4 Jaw-Dropping Places To See In Switzerland

If you are a mountain-loving kinda person, then Switzerland should definitely be on your bucket list. With over 60% of the country covered by mountains, there is a huge list of jaw-dropping Places To See In Switzerland.

Adventures in Saas-fee
Adventures in Saas-fee

The challenge for you is figuring out where you should go and, more importantly, what you should skip. Especially when you are on a tight schedule.

Instead of telling you the usual top 5 places to see, I want to give you some lesser-known gems you can put on your itinerary next time you visit Switzerland.

Saas Fee

Saas fee fall
Saas-fee fall

You probably know the Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most iconic pyramid of a mountain dominating Zermatt’s skyline. It’s impressive, and if you get a chance, you should check it out.

Most people don’t know that Zermatt’s lesser-known neighbor, Saas Fee, is equally impressive.

Both these towns are car-free, a breath of fresh air you will undoubtedly appreciate as you stroll around town. There is only one downside: a few electric taxis can sneak up on you, but it’s fantastic for the rest.

Saas Fee is located at the end of an impressive mountain-filled valley where the highest mountains can reach up to 4000m. Even from town, the views are impressive, but being a ski resort, you can hike up to some of the mountains, lakes, or glaciers or take the gondola. Your choice.

And another bonus is that if you stay in Saas-Fee in the summer, they give you a free pass to all the local transport, gondolas included. If you have ever been to a ski resort in Switzerland, you know how much that is worth it! It’s priceless.


Murren views
Murren views

The Bernese Oberland is a stunning Switzerland region filled with mountains that soar to over 4000m (12000ft). It is home to Switzerland’s more famous mountains like the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.

However, these regions’ problem is that everyone ends up in the same popular places – Interlaken or Grindelwald. Both are undoubtedly beautiful places, but there are some more attractive alternatives you should consider. The best of which, in my opinion, is Murren.

Flowers in Murren Switzerland
Flowers in Murren Switzerland

It’s within easy reach of all the local attractions, but less crowded, more laid back and sits atop the cliffs of the Lauterbrunnen valley. It is also carless, so great for a place to unwind from the hectic pace you might be leaving behind.

The Lauterbrunnen valley has impressive sheer walls and waterfalls to die for. In fact, many a base jumper can be found here, and danger is certainly their middle name. So be on the lookout (upwards) while you are here; they spring from above you at any moment. Like squirrels!

There are also some great local attractions like the 72 waterfalls and some less visited hikes that display the mountains in all their glory but without the crowds.


If you are after a bit of pampering while in the alps, there is no better place than Leukerbad. It’s named “bad,” which suggests it’s a great place to find Swiss baths or spas, and there is a boatload of them in town. Ten, in fact!


Imagine letting yourself soak away your pains after a long day’s hiking, surrounded by mountains that rise to over 3000m. Now that is something you won’t be doing at home! But in Leukerbad, it is just another day at the office.

Of course, while you are amidst so many great mountains, there are more than enough alpine activities to keep you busy such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and lots more.

Leukerbad is also well located just off a major valley with neighbors such as Zermatt, Saas-Fee, and Verbier. So you are also in good company if you wish to visit other Swiss “must-sees” while in the area.


gruyere photo credit: scotbot Gruyeres at Dusk, Switzerland via photopin (license)

If you like cheese, and Swiss cheese, in particular, Gruyere might be a name you already know. In fact, cheese is one of the things Switzerland is probably most famous for. And the very hard-working farmers of Gruyere produce some of the tastiest and most famous cheeses. However, most people don’t know that Gruyere is a stunning hilltop town surrounded by towering peaks such as the Moléson and the Dent du Chamois!

As you can perhaps already tell, a trip to Gruyere is well worth your time for the views alone. And here are a few more reasons why you should put this little gem on your Swiss bucket list.

Early Morning in Gruyere
Early Morning in Gruyere

First, Gruyere castle sits on top of the hill and has a perfect view of the surroundings. Then, just down the road is the somewhat nutty HR Giger museum. You may not have heard of him, but I am sure you know the Aliens movies. Get the picture now? His art is like that. Scary! Then, of course, there is a cheese museum. What more can you ask for?

Then, there is the cheese museum and many other local places to visit and hike.

What more can you ask for? Can you suggest interesting Places To See In Switzerland?

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