10 Reasons Why Girls Should Travel Solo At Least Once in Their Life

As much of a socialite and happily married and mom of many I am, one of the best things I ever did in my life was travel alone. And ironically enough, I’m far from alone in saying that. Throughout my travels, I’ve come across literally thousands of women that have benefited in so many different ways by traveling solo, no matter how old they are or what their background is.

Female Solo Backpacker
Female Solo Backpacker

It’s easy to see why. There are so many benefits of traveling alone, and plenty that help women and girls to become the best versions of themselves possible, to succeed more in life and to just be happier and more confident in who they are.

  1. Your Time is Your Own

One of the best reasons to travel solo style is that it is often the one time when truly you own your own time. There is no one else demanding your attention, no customer, boss, kids or significant other to answer to. You don’t have to plan around anyone else’s schedule, and you don’t have to compromise on anything. It’s a taste of the ultimate freedom, and you can truly enjoy yourself all by yourself!

Woman wearing a big summer hat reading on the beach.
Woman wearing a big summer hat reading on the beach.

  1. You Appreciate Others More

On the flip side, all of that freedom also helps you to appreciate more the importance of relationships. When you’re separated from all ties, you better value the good parts of having someone to come home to at the end of the day or recognizing someone on the street when you come home. But you’ll never learn how important relationships and connections are in life if you don’t branch out and leave once in awhile. Traveling solo is the perfect way to enjoy some freedom and leaves you just as happy to return home.

  1. You’ll Have a Better Sense of Self-Worth

Want to be a more confident woman who feels good in her skin? Travel, travel, and then travel some more. The more you see of the world, the more you escape your own culture’s perspective of beauty and see just how varied and beautiful every type, shape, and kind of women truly are. You’ll learn to see yourself as part of a larger picture, with a body shape, size and color that tells a story that is just your own, and yet connected to so many other women. It’s much easier to stop comparing yourself to others when you realize just how beautiful and different the world truly is.

Solo Female Tourist
Solo Female Tourist

  1. You’ll Be More Confident

Girls who travel alone quickly gain confidence that is hard to come by without the experience of finding your own way around a city and relying on your own shoulders to travel the globe without depending on others. You quickly learn how to step out of your own skin and converse with complete strangers, use your common sense, and rely on your intuition to do anything from catch a connecting flight in a strange terminal to just find your way to the nearest grocery store. That confidence stays with you for life, and helps you succeed in so many more areas besides traveling. You’ll be more likely to do better in school, get promoted, and escape unhealthy relationships if you have confidence in yourself. As a matter, this kind of confidence is one of the reasons why frequent travelers are more likely to succeed in life and their career.

Travel Alone
Travel Alone

  1. You’ll Become More Fiscally Aware

Traveling solo is so cheap compared to traveling with others, and the more you love to travel, the easier it is to just go off by yourself rather than traveling with someone. Women who travel solo often find that they wish to travel more and more, so they become better at budgeting, cutting expenses, and keeping an eye out for bargains.

  1. You’ll Become More Outgoing

There’s no way for women who travel alone to avoid interaction with others. In fact, when you travel alone, you’re forced to talk to others and are often much more approachable to others than if you’re surrounded by a group of people you’re already comfortable with. You’ll quickly get used to striking up conversations, befriending total strangers, and making new friends with others.

Solo Female Traveler
Solo Female Traveler

  1. Your Experiences Will Be Heightened

One of the glories of traveling alone is that there are fewer distractions around you. It’s as if all of your other senses are heightened, and you can experience another dimension of wonder of the places that light your heart on fire. There’s no one else getting bored or joking around to distract you.

  1. You Can Do Whatever You Want

What woman hasn’t wanted or succumbed to occasionally just gorging on something that tasted good just because they could or wanted to? Eat away, my friend. No one is around to judge you, and you can literally eat what you want, dress the way you want to, and sing at the top of your lungs at random points throughout the day. Why not? You’ll never see these people again in your life anyway!

  1. You Can Escape Regrets

It’s easy in our comfort zones at home to become ensnared by past behaviors, mistakes, and ghosts of the past that seem to lurk around the familiar corners of home and deaden our senses. If you need to wake up, reinvent yourself, or break old habits, there is no better time to start than when you take a trip someplace new. Start new habits, reinvent the old you, and come to peace with past decisions. Every girl at some point in her life, and maybe even a few times along the way, feels the need to reboot her life. Take a trip- I promise you won’t regret it.

Woman Traveling Alone
Woman Traveling Alone

  1. You’ll Learn More About Yourself

All females should travel solo at least once in their life, even if for some reason they aren’t travelaholics, if for no other reason than traveling alone is a great way to discover more about yourself. You learn what you like and don’t like, your strengths and weaknesses, and more about what you want out of life. Traveling alone at least one point in your life helps you to avoid getting to the end of your life and looking back in disappointment. You’ll be inspired, find direction, and have new goals that you would take years of self-discovery back home.

  1. John Rich says

    When you travel with a group of friends or even acquaintances, it’s too easy to be lazy and never engage with the culture and other travellers around you; it’s much easier to rely on those you already know. But women who travel alone have plenty of opportunities to make new friends, and surround themselves with people who stretch their ideas, boundaries, and mindsets.

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