Nightly Revelry at Pangaea Ultra Lounge


Looking for an elegant night out? Well, look no further! The Pangaea Ultra Lounge at City of Dreams Manila offers exactly that. The Ultra Lounge is simply stunning—fusing glamorous with exotic that encourages exploration while keeping a sense of exclusivity.

From Wall to Ceiling Its pure elegance
From Wall to Ceiling, Its pure elegance at Pangaea Ultra Lounge in City of Dreams Manila

Walking in, you’ll be greeted with chandeliers and oriental rugs that scream opulence and lavishness. Every detail of this lounge just promises every guest a captivating and truly unforgettable experience. The interiors are inspired by nature while highlighting luxury. There are variants of leathers, feathers, and other assortments of animal skins and bones incorporated into unconventional areas, creating a very tactile atmosphere that is also exuberant and inviting.

Not your ordinary Party Place
Not your ordinary Party Place

As a show of class, banquettes and walls feature taxidermy and vintage books that evoke an Edwardian ambiance. You will find vintage luggage and trunks as decoration as well, playing up to everyone’s sense of inner wanderlust. The interiors exude a masculine vibe but very chic.

Head over to the study lounge and you will find illuminated globes and other oddities that rotate overhead in a mobile. It’s a room that encourages exploration and adventure, featuring a bone chandelier in the main room. It’s definitely a conversation piece.

Pangaea Ultra Lounge Guest Lobby
Pangaea Ultra Lounge Guest Lobby

The lounge is not without its intimacies, of course. There are accents of vibrant gold and red, adding flair and drama to an already captivating interior. The lounge encourages interaction, with labyrinth of seats that guests can maneuver around easily. The mood is very hip and attractive to partygoers.

Party like a Royalty at Pangaea
Party like a Royalty at Pangaea

There’s also a rotating DJ booth at the center as well as a grand piano that just reveals the revelry you can expect from your time in Pangaea. If you want the ultra-exclusive and VIP experience with a twist, the Peacock Room is riddled with birdcage chandeliers and gold cast feathers in keeping with the theme.
Pangaea is the place to be if you’re looking for a night of intrigue.

It’s a space for discovery, fantasy, encouraging all to check their inhibitions at the door. You can visit their website at or send an email at

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