Zero Halliburton opens its first store in the Philippines

S Maison at Conrad Manila welcomes the only luggage brand in the world to have landed on the moon.

Zero Halliburton Philippines Store
Zero Halliburton Philippines Store

After having had the honor of flying to the moon and back, you can’t find fault with this brand’s quality. Backed up by 80 years worth of fine-tuned engineering and design, This luggage brand not only maintains an excellent reputation for classic beauty but is also praised for its space-proof durability.

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NASA’s Choice Launches in the Philippines

Chosen by no less than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a Zero Halliburton luggage was picked for the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar mission. It was given the all-important task of carrying stored rock and soil samples collected from the moon. True to its excellent quality, all moon samples came back to Earth whole and beautifully preserved for scientists to study.

Zero Halliburton Manila
Zero Halliburton Manila

In its Philippines’ launch, Zero Halliburton brings out the same iconic aluminium briefcase for the Philippine public. Together with this legendary briefcase, the brand introduces a lightweight aluminium and polycarbonate luggage, perfect for those who want to travel light without worrying about their valuables getting lost in the process. Accordingly, the brand will also be launching a Greenwich Collection which is a line of lightweight cordura nylon luggage. Responding to the security needs of the travelling public, all bags from the Greenwich Collection come with built-in smart features and a padded design.

Staying True to the Original Goals, With a Twist

It’s not really surprising why this brand holds a well-earned reputation for durability. From the start, the luggage was designed with safety and security in mind as it was created by oil field engineer, Erle Halliburton. His design was specifically made to withstand gruelling travel as he pursues his profession in the unforgiving Texas weather. The durable luggage was built to protect not just his personal belongings but also essential equipment needed for the collection and safekeeping of samples collected in the rough.

Zero Halliburton Luggage
Zero Halliburton Luggage

Soon after, the aluminium design became commercially available as manufacturers saw the impressive possibilities of the brand. Earning a glowing reputation in various places like California and Europe, the brand slowly took over Asia and now sets up one of its branches in the teeming capital of the Philippines.

Today however, Zero Halliburton is more than just a durable aluminium choice for luggage safety. Combining the top-notch quality of a seamless cast and unbeatable protection, the brand is now a favorite for many travelers, whether for leisure or business.

“We are excited to bring over the classic and reinvented designs of Zero Halliburton. Our premium line of luggage provides unequalled protection for travellers’ valuables across the world. Now, we get to share these fine pieces with Filipinos…” says Zero Halliburton Chairman, Mr. Hiroaki Morishita.

Adding Style in the Mix

With a wider range of clients now contemplated by the brand, Zero Halliburton now offers more than just a basic aluminium design. Luggage products now include different sizes, design, materials, and features – all while still maintaining the undisputed quality of the product. Veering from the typical luggage, Zero Halliburton extended their line to backpacks, business bags, duffel bags, and pilot cases. Perhaps one of the most recognized luggage brands in the market today, Zero Halliburton is backed up by some of the most proficient travelers in the world including Brazilian football star Ronaldinho, who is currently the brand endorser.

Zero Halliburton Shop Manila
Zero Halliburton Shop Manila

Exquisite in its sophistication combined with a quality that’s tough to refute, Zero Halliburton happily makes itself available to Filipinos this year. Check out its official boutique at S Maison, Conrad Manila near the corner of Coral Way Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.



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