Why Brazil Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List

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There are thousands of reasons to visit Brazil, but you don’t need all of those thousands of reason to convince you, right? In fact, you probably already have your mind made up. You’re just exploring for even more reasons to go. You’re in luck. Listed below are 7 more reasons why you should be in Brazil right now!

samba dancers photo
Brazilian Samba Dancers

    1. Carnivals – If you are into wild carnivals with lots of drinking, partying, and plenty of fun stuff to do then Rio is for you. The city is considered to be the mecca place for carnivals, and all things that follow with it.
    2. Copacabana Beach – Famous for its beautiful white-sand shores and ocean blue water Copacabana beach is the place to be! Really, who doesn’t like a hot-sunny day with beautiful woman (and men) walking around enjoying themselves? Lenny kravitz was a favorite in 2005 when he performed there in front of a crowd of 300,000. White-sand, blue ocean, and a top-notch celebrity performing for the masses? Now that is a beach!
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rio de janeiro tourist attractions
Statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

    1. Find your future Wife – Of course this isn’t for everyone, but Brazil host some of the most beautiful woman in the world. Especially cariocas, or woman who are very hospitable and friendly. Who doesn’t want a hospitable and friendly wife?
    2. Women Rule Brazil – A short trip to Rio will prove this. In Rio it is believed that the ratio to woman to men is 100/86. That is 100 woman for every 86 guys. That just boosted your chances of finding some female companionship by 100%.
    3. Workout Junkies – Brazil is one of the few nations that believe in staying fit and looking good. A short trip to one of their many cities will prove this. You’ll see woman, men, and sometimes even children doing daily workout exercises on beach. Enjoying the sun and all that their country has to offer.

Copacobana Beach in brazil
Copacobana Beach

  1. Start Learning Portuguese – Brazilians love to speak Portuguese. So if you’ve been trying to learn the language, or perhaps you just want to start learning a new language while in a foreign country (uncommon) Brazil is probably the best country to get started with. Who knows, maybe you will find a beautiful cariocas?
  2. Beautiful Weather – All year round you can expect 75 degrees or more, included with sun and clouds. It sounds like perfect weather, and it is! Who doesn’t like sunny days filled with a blue sky and puffy clouds? It makes for great activities and helps induce happiness.

Brazil isn’t just a country. It is thee country! You have to see it for yourself to understand its beauty, culture, and society. Travel around it and enjoy it. It isn’t everyday you get to enjoy a country that relishes in its happy weather.