Year of the Dragon : New Travel Accessories from Crumpler

If you are planning for a trip this Year of the Dragon, then there must be few things that you must always carry. These are things that are really important for you and if you forget them, you just feel that everything is missing and you feel that the trip is incomplete without it. Some things are not just important, they are also necessary just like your passport and other travel documents.

crumpler accessories
New Travel Accessories from Crumpler

I just got some gifts from Crumpler that are useful for my future trips, these are The Limpet (crumpler bag tag), The Carrot (crumpler all purpose / pencil case) and The Noose (crumpler camera wrist strap). All these things are just a necessity and these will always be included in my travel bag each time a pack and prepare for my trip. Now, let me share with you what I thought about these travel accessories.

bag tag from crumpler
The Limpet Bag Tag

The Limpet (crumpler bag tag), do you know how important it is? Now, think of a situation when you are at the airport and if you are carrying a Crumpler bag, then there must be a possibility that some other person will also have a bag like you, as the branded products come in a range of colors and they are not unique bags, they look so similar that if you see two-three bags on similar color and brand, even you will get confused which one belongs to you.

crumpler pencil case
Because a Pencil Case is not just for Pencils:)

Now, obviously, you cannot open it and check if it is yours or not. So, the best way is to have The Limpet attached to your bag, crumpler bag tag which will keep your bag look yours even from a distance. This tag will help you recognize your bag easily because you can also put your name and business card inside the bag tag and with this on your bag, it will also avoid the situations of getting bags exchanged.

Crumpler Noose Wrist Strap
Not just another Camera strap:)

Though the branded bag tags are somewhat costlier, you should still buy one as this will be a great help to you in the long run since this will not be commonly seen in most luggages. The best part my new Crumpler Limpet is it looks trendy and fashionable, it also comes in different color. You can also mix and match the color with your bag if you have several travel bags to choose from.

crumpler stores manila
Carrot Pencil Case from Crumpler

The Carrot (crumpler pencil case) is the second important thing. Now, you must be thinking that why do you need a pencil case? This small case serves as an organizer for my mobile phone headset, iPhone charger, camera lens brush, lens cloth cleaner, extra camera battery, USB’s, SD Cards and other small gadgets. It’s already 2012 and I want to be more organized and avoid leaving things in the hotel room LOL.

Crumpler Camera Strap
Crumpler Camera Wrist Strap

The Noose (Crumpler Camera Wrist Strap) is another amazing camera accessory. As a travel blogger, each trip is definitely incomplete without my DSLR camera and with this new accessory, It gave me one other option to hold the camera with a unique grip. One interesting feature of this camera wrist strap is its secret SD Card Compartment, one more way to get organized:). I cant afford losing a camera in the middle of the trip and with this Noose from Crumpler, I can simply tie it on my wrist since it works like wrist strap – a quality wrist strap.

I’m excited for my next trip and bring all these Crumpler accessories with me:) Btw, these accessories are only available at Crumpler Bonifacio High Street, Crumpler SM Megamall & Crumpler Trinoma.

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