Where to find Bulletproof Coffee in Manila?

Where to find Bulletproof Coffee in Manila

Bulletproof Coffee: The Newest Fad or For Real?

Some of you who are probably reading this are curious about the newest fad. Chances are, you might find some cafes near you and get a taste of the Bulletproof Coffee after reading this article.

Where to find Bulletproof Coffee in Manila
Where to find Bulletproof Coffee in Manila

In case you haven’t heard yet, a new twist of coffee has been circulating around cafes and restaurants here in the Metro. It’s called Bulletproof coffee and is basically an upgrade of your regular drink by adding a coconut oil OR MCT oil and butter on it. Sometimes, to put more flavor on the coffee, others add cinnamon, sugar-free syrups, and cocoa powder. But of course it wouldn’t be talked about if not for its amazing benefits:

The amazing thing about a Bulletproof coffee is that it releases ketosis, a metabolic state which triggers weight loss. Since we, Filipinos are used to eating heavy breakfast with coffee or any hot beverage to keep us full, with Bulletproof coffee, you can just drink it and feel fulfilled to get you going for the day. This coffee stomps the hunger and cravings because of the right amount of fats mixed with the high-quality beans.

So for some of you who are in dire need to lose some weight after this holiday eats, might as well look for cafes or restaurant that serves Bulletproof coffees.

Mentally Focused at Work

We definitely need something to boost us in the morning, and sometimes our regular coffee isn’t enough.

Our job can be pretty draining and exhausting, agree?. With the energy burst from the MCT oil, it can help us get energized and focused to keep our work done. In an article from ketoconnect.net, it is no doubt that with Bulletproof coffee, you can find the most productive time of the day maybe an hour after you drink it.

Cafes and Restaurant in Manila Serving Bulletproof Coffee

Few cafes are currently serving this unique coffee twist. We hope some of our lists are those that are near you.

UCC Clockwork’s 3rd Wave Coffee

Cafes and Restaurant in Manila Serving Bulletproof Coffee
A must-try bulletproof coffee at UCC Clockwork.

Known for introducing specialty coffees in the Metro, trying Bulletproof coffee is now made convenient – thanks to 3rd Wave Coffee. You can order it for only Php 150.00.

Address: Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue Corner EDSA, Libertad, Pasay City

Contact Number: 02 8434383

Café 2.0

Cafes and Restaurant in the Philippines Serving Bulletproof Coffee
Have a cup of Bulletproof coffee here at Cafe 2.0 to keep you going through the day.

Literally embodying its brand name, Café 2.0 also serves Bulletproof coffee, and does delivery too! This cafe made sure that it is a certified clean coffee and independently lab-tested for 27 performance-robbing toxins. So if you are preparing for a staff meeting, might as well call Café 2.0 and share this amazing coffee to everyone.

Address: 123 Block Guerrero Compound 123 Pioneer St. Mandaluyong, Philippines

Contact Number: 5679633

The Green Grocer

Well for those who want to make their own Bulletproof coffee, you can avail a package at The Green Grocer for Php 1,250.00. Just follow the coffee recipe of combining the butter and oil with coffee in a blender, and voila! You got yourself an energizer.

Website: https://www.thegreengrocermanila.com/shop/

Want to get something out of the extraordinary? Then explore and taste the Bulletproof Coffee today.

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  2. […] See Also: Where to find Bullet proof Coffee in Manila? […]

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