Where to eat in Baler: A Taste of Baler’s Cuisine

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Where to Eat in Baler: A Taste of Food in Baler

Food in Baler is very patriotic. It follows the flavor of the country’s culinary customs from its rich Spanish-Filipino heritage, characterized as sweet, salty, with a little bit spicy, somewhat starchy, and ingeniously flavourful.

Bay's Inn Restaurant Eat in Baler
Bay’s Inn Restaurant – Eat in Baler

One restaurant that fits this criteria is Bay’s Inn Restaurant. It is a local’s favorite meal place in Baler, due to its appetizing and reasonably-priced list on the menu, its charming setup along the wide baywalk, and its splendid ocean view.

Ginataang Pako at Bay's Inn Restaurant
Ginataang Pako at Bay’s Inn Restaurant

They serve all-time Filipino favorites from morning until late night like Kare-Kare, sweetened Chicken Barbecue, Fried Calamares, or Ginataang Pako, as well as the Crispy Pata and the Garlic Chicken, which have received its share of good reviews.

Tasty clam soup at Yolly's
Tasty clam soup at Yolly’s

For seafood, one of the most recommended restaurants, especially for hungry surfers is Yolly’s, which is found in the heart of the town. They offer an array of seafood dishes, seasoned with popular Filipino flavorings and cooked a few hours before.

Fishy food choices at Yolly's Seafood Restaurant
Fishy food choices at Yolly’s Seafood Restaurant

Diners step in to choose among the food displayed at the counter. There are clams cooked in broth, Laing with Blue Marlin (gabi leaves and blue marlin cooked in coconut milk), Grilled Squid, Grilled Tanigue, Pako with Salted Egg, Chopsuey, Adobong Isda (fish sauteed in vinegar and soy), and many more.

Baler's vegetable staple of Pako with Salted Eggs
Baler’s vegetable staple of Pako with Salted Eggs

The food is then served at the table and paid for at the cashier. Each dish is priced about a hundred pesos and is good for sharing.

Filipino's go for Yolly's Ihaw-Ihaw & Fastfood
Filipino’s go for Yolly’s Ihaw-Ihaw & Fastfood

Pastas and pizzas, on the other hand, are cooked unique in the Philippines, as endearingly endeavored at Angela’s Café.

Angela's Cafe by night
Angela’s Cafe by night

Apart from the robust Italian flavors, the dough, sauces and toppings made in this family-run café follows the sweet, salty and rich flavors of Filipinos. Their thin crust, pugon (brick-oven) baked pizzas give a delightful semblance of pandesal topped with diverse mozzarella cheesy toppings in the likes of salami, vegetables, pineapples, and even tuyo (dried salted fish).

Angela's mama takes care of all diners
Angela’s mama takes care of all diners

The pastas, be it Lasagna, Spicy Tuna Carbonara, or Bolognese, embody gastronomic abundance with generous servings of these enriched Italian flavors.

Half n' half Hawaiian and Garden Fresh Toppings for Family Size Pizzas at Angela's Cafe
Half n’ half Hawaiian and Garden Fresh Toppings for Family Size Pizzas at Angela’s Cafe

Because they are made with love, they are priced specially. The medium 10-inch pizzas come from 190 to 280 php, the large 12-inch ones are 250-320 php, and the family 14-inch is 480 to 620 php, while the pastas range from 85 to 100 php.

Other specialties are Tapang Usa (Marinated Deer Meat) and Pancakes with blueberries or strawberries.

And for all-day Filipino breakfast on the beach, the restaurant at S.M.A.R.T. Beach House is perfect.

Its wonderful proprietors cook up seven Filipino favorite breakfasts meals from morning til night, such as hotdog, corned beef, longganiza (local pork sausage), tapa, tocino (sweet marinated pork), bangus (milk fish) and danggit (salted dried fish), served with fried egg and fried rice.

They also serve omelets and quick burgers, which are usually favored by adrenaline-charged surfers.

Also found along the beach is Baler Grill House. This local’s hangout is a one-of-a-kind grilling station that grills food on the hood of a red beetle. Diners get a kick out of watching their Bulalo BBQ, Chicken BBQ, Ribs BBQ, Grilled Fish, Grilled Sausage or Liempo BBQ being cooked in a car. Another treat here is the Surfer Meals, which comes with rice and veggies, starting at 89php.

Baler Surfer Grill, a feast for all senses
Baler Surfer Grill, a feast for all senses

For quick healthy refreshment, there is the Surf & Chill Fresh Fruit Bar. They serve delicious juices with Pomelo, Watermelon, Melon and a delightful combination of Pineapple and Ginger for 40php only. They also serve fruit shakes, such as Choco Banana Peanut Butter, Mango-Banana, Ripe Mango and Melon for only 80php.

Instant healthy refreshments at Surf & Chill Fresh Juice Bar
Instant healthy refreshments at Surf & Chill Fresh Juice Bar
Buko express on the Sabang beach's back road
Buko express on the Sabang beach’s back road

And as a land flourishing with coconuts, buko juice’s rich benefits can be acquired from every corner in Baler, like this one along the beach’s back road, called Sabang Express.

Baler Public Market, a vast source of fresh food
Baler Public Market, a vast source of fresh food

On the other, there is always the Baler Public Market where an abundance of fresh food is available to satisfy even the picky eaters.

There are other restaurants in Baler that follows international concepts, but one that certainly sticks out is the galore of tasty Filipino fares that visitors simply adore.

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