WATCH: Top 10 Unbelievable Places on Earth You Won’t Believe Are Real


You’ll Never Forget the First Time you get to see some of the World’s Most Peculiar Places
If you think about flying to the outer space just to be amazed of the most unexpected scenes, think again. This earth, your own home, keeps countless surprises that deserve to be discovered.

Top 10 Amazing Places on Earth
Top 10 Amazing Places on Earth

When it comes to bodies of water, different shades of blue are the colors you will first think of. But in Australia, Lake Hillier looks like a bubble gum from an aerial view with its sweet pink color. You won’t ever expect that there’s a lake with such color. But the discovery of Lake Hillier confirms that pink can be a color for lakes!

Chocolate lovers, raise your hands proudly. Now here’s something you should try doing. Visiting the Philippines and heading straight to Bohol– one of its popular islands, will lead you to the 30 sq. miles Chocolate Hills that look like huge bunches of chocolates from afar during dry season. This is truly a breathtaking background perfect for photo ops.

Top 10 Amazing Places On Earth You Won’t Believe Are Real Youtube Video

And how about a real-life scene of the movie Avatar? You’ll find it in China’s Tianzi Mountains. Tianzi Mountains makes it to the top among the ten unusual places on earth. It has stunning views of its unique mountain peaks.

All these three and the rest among the list are just a few pieces of evidence that the earth holds a lot of jaw-dropping sceneries that promise a once in a lifetime experience.

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