Visiting Singapore

Its been two days of no sleep and yeah I’m tired but I cant describe my excitement for my Singapore trip.

I was allowed by my boss to leave office early in able for me to catch my flight. I usually leave the office at around 6am which happened to the same as be flight schedule.

I arrived at the airport 3 hours early and Yes I always do that, Its better to be early than late right? haha I’m so sleepy but I guess to much excitement keeps me awake.

cofee @ the tinder box
The Tinder Box @ NAIA Centennial Terminal 2

Almost all the specialty shops are closed yet when I entered the departure area aside from Delifrance. I was a bit surprised to see that NAIA Centennial Terminal 2 now has a laptop table and several Samsung PC’s for free Internet use but the connection was like a dial-up and YES It was practically “Useless”.

Good thing a coffee shop called “The Tinder Box” opened at exactly 5am and its only the place where smoking dragons can hangout inside the departure area so I decided to have some coffee.

What Am I supposed to do in Singapore? I was invited by STB to experience ZoukOut 2009 – a yearly dance music festival. This years party will be held in the pristine palm-lined Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island.

Today’s Itinerary will be more on shopping, I’m planning to buy a Nikon macro lens or anything equivalent. Hmmm will see!
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